1967 Shelby GT500

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  1. Fenders are ready to be wet sanded and buffed after spraying 6 coats of SPI Universal clear.

  2. Beautiful
  3. awesome work !
  4. That color looks spectacular from what I can tell. That would be great if you could convince him not to do the stripes.
  5. Really nice work. Been following all your threads and you and your team are true craftsmen. White stripes would be a big mistake, leaving it solid green would be real nice. If the owner really wants stripes I would suggest something a bit more subtle with the green like maybe a gray tone with metallic, but to each his own.
  6. When you apply 6 coats of clear is it necessary to color sand any between coats? And how long after you spray on the epoxy primer can you wait before squirting on the color?
  7. Very nice work indeed, I love the color! As for the no stripes, I have seen Shelby's without and they don't look right. BTW, did you know that no '67 Shelbys were shipped with stripes from Shelby? They cost something like $60 for Shelby to do it, which seemed outrageous to the Ford dealers selling them, so they just had their own body shops do it.
  8. Normally I would spray 3 coats than wet sand with 400 and apply 3 more coats of clear. Since this is getting stripes I sprayed 2 coats than will wet sand with 400 spray the white stripes than spray 4 coats of clear waiting about 30 min between coats.

    You can spray color 1 hour after spraying 1 coat of SPI epoxy. I sprayed 2 coats of reduced epoxy and waited until the next day and wet sanded with 800 (did not want any sand scratches to show since it was a metallic) than retaped the car and sprayed 4 coats of base than the next day 2 coats of clear.
  9. Whenever you think of a 65 - 67 Shelby you think stripes so we will be adding stripes. If it was my car it would not have stripes or be painted green.
  10. While I think its a beautiful paint job so far, and the green looks sharp...but im with you, I just can't do green on a mustang. My coupe was green when I got it...and I hope in a week I have it back with a shiny new black paint job! It better be straight it all I got to say, this "month" of a job has taken 5 so far, lol.
  11. When I first started building my clone, I wanted to paint it one color (black) and no stripes. But I saw a pic of a black, no stripes '67 and it just didn't look "right" to my eyes. I don't know why, it just didn't. Since then I've seen a few '67's on ebay without stripes in various colors and not one of them looked right. Maybe it's because my brain equates Shelby Mustangs with stripes, but if you're gonna do a Shelby, either the real thing or a copy, it needs stripes. Just my opinion, but that's the way I see it.
  12. I just found this thread. Brilliant work. I can't wait to see the finished product.
  13. Have you seen one in red without stripes ;)

  14. That would be my choice with 6 coats of clear
  15. I believe the lack of stripes "shortens" the look of the car. Don't get me wrong, you've got a great-looking car. But I prefer stripes and lowered suspension to accentuate the "long and low" look.

  16. Lucky kid!
  17. HA! Like most 4.5 yr olds he spends most of his time crying that he can't do this, or can't do that. If only he knew :rlaugh:

    That was father's day BTW...he said "dad I have a really good idea...lets wash the mustangs today"...I wasn't going to complain :D
  18. Not to be a nit picker (that is a beautiful car) but it appears to be a 68 with a 67 hood and narrow grill lights. Or someone added 68 side markers to a 67?
  19. It is a 68 s code GT that was done up during restoration with all the 67 shelby parts (hood, nose, scoops, roll bar, rear spoiler, lights, etc....)
  20. I have always liked the look of the 67 Shelby's, my wife prefers the 68's. The 67 just look a lot sleeker to me.