1987 Mustang GT - 69,000 Miles

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  1. For Sale - 1987 Mustang GT - 66,900 Miles - Yes....Sixty Six Thousand Nine Hundred Miles. Third baby is here so the toy needs to go.

    I can be contacted at 615-323-four zero four five. Please call between 9am and 9pm any day of the week, Please ask for Ron, if I am not available I will call you back ASAP.

    Was : $7,200
    Now : $6,000 Firm...I need it gone.
    The Goodies -

    • TFS Twisted Wedge heads - Specs unknown
    • Crower cam - Specs unknown - It BIG though.
    • Ford Motorsport Cobra intake
    • TFS forged pushrods,
    • Crane 1.6 rocker arms, Crane roller lifters
    • Converted from Speed Density to Mass Air fuel injection control (A9P)
    • 24lb fuel injectors, 155 lph in-tank fuel pump
    • BBK adjustable FPR
    • Pro-M 75mm mass air meter, 65mm throttle body
    • MSD, Crane and Ford Motorsports ignition components
    • Centerforce II clutch and pressure plate, Hurst shifter
    • BBK long tube headers, BBK mid-pipe with cats and BBK offroad mid-pipe (Currently offroad mid-pipe is installed...if you live in a county with emisions test...you will need to change out to the cats)
    • Obligatory Flowmaster 40-series mufflers welded in
    • H&R Race (red) suspension springs
    • Bilstein HD struts and shocks
    • Maximum Motorsports rear lower control arms
    • Ford Motorsport Aluminum driveshaft
    • 130 ampere 3G alternator
    • Visteon 3 core radiator
    • BlackMagic Extreme 3300 CFM elec fan
    • FRPP 2300-k brake kit
    • BBK Caster/Camber plates
    • BBK Strut tower brace
    Appearance Modifications
    • Ford "Sonic Blue" metallic paint
    • Saleen whale tail rear spoiler
    • '93 Cobra taillights
    • Window tint
    • A pillar mounted Auto Meter Phantom gauges
    2002 Mustang GT Wheels
    274/45-17 Tires

    The Bad -
    Engine is running a bit rich.
    A/C is not charged....system is intact and operational....system was discharged last year when head gaskets were replaced and never recharged.
    Oil Gauge in A-Pillar does not work...needs new sending unit.
    Oil leaks from Valve covers...it isn't much...but enough to notice.
    Speedometer is not working (Just happend today 08-06-11)

    Car is solid with no evidence of it ever being in an accident.

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  2. new price
  3. Do you still have the car? where are you located?
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