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  1. I started the tear down on my DropTop This weekend. I will be getting after it next week pretty hard as I have some time off:D! My Daughter grabbed some tools and a sander :jaw: and jumped right in made me very proud! :nice:

  2. Kinda pains me to see see y'all sanding that blue off since it is nicer then my paint. :p
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  3. I love seeing teenagers getting interested in these cars, especially girls. We have several friends whose kids give me hope that there is a generation coming up that will still love these cars.

    Hope you two can make it to the picnic. :nice:
  4. Thanks Guys. I was quite suprised when she came out into the garage and asked What can I do to help. My youngest (16) would not get dirty if she had too. My oldest (19 boy) never sticks around to see or learn anything. The paint on old blue was excellent on the passenger side but the driver's side had been repaired at on time on the door and clear coat was peeling and paint fade was horrible. Getting a smooth trunk lid for it. Looking at some diffrent cobalt blue to bright blue metallics. HAving trouble getting the door mirrors off. Any body got a secret for these as well as the top of the door molding? I will keep the pics coming next weekend as I have 5 days off and plan on sanding her down and starting some body work (little nicks and dings) She is pretty straight with 82k on her. Thanks for looking Brian:nice:
  5. That's cool. Hoped my 12 year old boy would get into the new vert project, but he'd rathe rplay video games. My 5 year old girl wax's her every chance she get's and throws me the keys for her evening cruise.
  6. Brian -

    First off, you need to take the belt molding off the door. Open the door and you will find a sheet metal screw underneath at the back of the molding. Unscrew that and the molding will slide back about an inch with a little help. It will then come off. Now pull the door panel off the inside and pull the plastic sheet away from the upper front corner. The mirror is held on with two nuts and a power plug. Note: Be careful to not drop the nuts down inside the door. They're a PITA to get back out. The front molding piece is also held on by two nuts. More than likely, the studs that the nuts thread onto are very rusty and will probably break. If not, consider yourself lucky. If they do, Latemodel Restoration sells new ones for reasonable. Again, be careful to not drop the nuts as you take them off.

    Hope this helps.
  7. Thanks for the tips been busting knuckles trying to get into the bolts:(
  8. Ran into little snag with drivers door. It is cracked at the weld seam near the moldings. Looks like it has been splitting for some time I will get a pic on of what I am talking about on Friday.:mad:
  9. Are you repainting it? or just repairing that fender?

    My entire passion and interest in cars was started due to my father and an '83 GT. It makes for some great memories. Hope you and yours have fun w/ the build!
  10. Repainting whole car I was driving it around last Saturday looked like this
    Sunday I tore it down and My daughter came out to help:D

    I bought her a 91 Notch today that she does not know about. It is only a four banger but clean little car bad transmission stole it for $450. I am going to have her help me fix it up and tell her I am selling it. When it is fixed up I will hand her the keys. :)

    At least this way I keep her out of my Vert!!:nono: I hope to have the vert prepped for paint in the next 5 days or so. I have not decided on firm color know I am going blue again just havn't found that eye catching cobalt electric blue.
  11. Got the 1st of many boxes of ordered parts today today my Shorty BBK Headers arrived :burnout: Doing more sanding I will get some more pics on in a bit

    Here is a pic of the door crack I was talking about


    and the new BBK Headers

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  12. Ouch on the door. I like the Grabber blue and Sonic blue. That is a cool deal on the notch, post pics of it!
  13. X2
  14. HEre is a quick pic of the notch missing molding on drivers door and the transmission is pulled no dents paint is good but needs cut and buffed I think she will get a kick out of it when I give her the keys I am taking the Pony's off of the vert and putting them on her car.
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  15. im down by olympia. hope you guys come out to the picnic next weekend.

    it was fun last year, should be even better this year.
  16. We are planning on making it down doubt my mustangs will but we will:nice:
  17. Make sure to find me and introduce yourself please.

  18. Will Do!!! Quick update on slow progress:( Finally got the mirrors and rest of the moldings off the car. The corner moldings for the convertible top were a pain in the arse and both of them broke. Now I get to shell out $129.99 each to replace:mad: Oh Joy! Back to work tomorrow so wont get to play with it to much this week. Have it ready to sand and strip down after it gets a good bath with Dawn. :nice:

    Here she is in her present state
  19. Well after working 10 straight I get to finally work on the car again made a trip to the auto body supply store today and walked out with 4 rolls of sandpaper and some wax and grease remover and my wallet $192.00 lighter:mad: Oh well the things we do for our cars. I will get to sanding today as I finally have the paper I have been needing!
  20. 100_6299.jpg

    :eek:Got after it!