1991 Mustang GT 5 speed w/nitrous $4500

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  1. I hate to do it but after doing some thinking I gotta cut something loose. I've decided to sell my 91 GT. It's red, with red interior that I've started blacking out (dash/console done). White face gauges, and white face heater control face. Here's the list of what I have right now, not all is in the car but for the asking price of $4500 I'll include it. I'll come down on the price, but for every dollar dropped, I'll keep a part. Pm me or call/txt if interested, 567-674-1989, just ask for Brandon...

    Cobra R 3" fiberglass hood
    Clear corner lenses, smoked LX taillights, smoked 3rd brake light
    I have a aftermarket wiper cowl in the box still
    Cobra Grill insert still in the box
    2 fenders to swap out for the damaged ones on the car
    All fog light/front bumper brace brackets

    Stock bottom end
    E7's with egr bump knocked off
    TFS Stg 1 cam
    Comp Cams billit timing set
    GT40 upper/lower
    24lb injectors
    255lph Pump still in the box
    70mm PP T body/EGR Delete still in the box
    C&L 73mm Mass Air Meter calibrated for the 24's
    13" K&N "cold Air filter kit"

    full length headers, dual flowmaster with dumps
    Smog delete
    3G Alternator swap (135amp)
    Mark VIII Elec fan with t stat control

    Nitrous Express wet kit incl ( fuel, nitrous, purge solenoids, mounting plate, spray plate, all lines, fuel rail fitting, 10lb bottle with brackets, blow down tube, ash tray delete switch plate, MSD Window switch all off of car, but feed line ran.

    MSD 6A and TFI coil not new but in the box still
    A9L ECU which is by far the hottest one availabe

    Stock T-5, Spec Clutch/press plate
    Fidanza Short throw shifter/White knob
    BBK Firewall Adjuster
    Speedo Gear to calibrate with new gears

    4:10 Richmonds, (very quiet)
    Fresh Track Lock (clutch rebuild kit) I did it when I swapped the axle
    Quad shocks removed

    Frame rails tied (connectors)
    Stock rear cont arms boxed
    Rear stock sway bar
    UPR Pro Drag Spring kit front and rear
    Air Lift Bag in right rear
    Strange Adjustable shocks
    Shorter poly pinion snubber
    Sway Bar taken completely out of the front of the car but still have it.

    I know I'm forgetting a few more things, but it's been done right. For a stock motor/heads, this lil demon rips lol. It's a good solid car, but has a few ugly spots. It needs a paint job, the left fender is ugly, and I have one for it, but gonna have to spray it. It has some scratches on the left rear quarter, so a nice paint job would be the ticket. It has a 3" Cobra R fiberglass hood on it, and smoked LX tail lights with clear front corners. The rims in the pics are Centerline warrior 3 1/2's, 15x8 rears but will be getting Weld Drag Lites in the next week or so. I'll try to get a couple pics to load, let me know what you think, my cell # is 567-674-1989, just ask for Brandon...thanks...



  2. location?..does the ac work?
  3. Lima, OH 45806 and I dont have the a/c hooked up right now, but I do have everything to put it back on the car...
  4. ttt, I sold some of the bolt on -parts such as the electric fan, adjustable shocks, put stock injectors and maf back on, and a sold the ignition, t body and a few other things. New price is $3500, come drive it home... Still an easy LOW 13 sec car, with possibilities of far more... I also still have the N2O kit for $500 obo on the side...
  5. im interested. i sent you a PM
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