1993 cobra front bumper converstion?

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  1. http://secure.50resto.com/product1.cfm?SID=1&Product_ID=312&Category_ID=71

    they have this says it fits a gt front bumer with slight modification.....can someone please describe this process, cuz the gt has that SOLID grille of sorts, so how does that just pop in there?

    asking this cuz i have a gt front bumper getting ready to go on as soon as i finish up some body work, thinking this "slight modification" would be eaiser with it off the car :rolleyes:
    any idea or suggestions would be great
  2. There is a template and you have to cut a hole in the bumper for it to fit.
  3. sounds exciting, how simple would this be and how are the looks, IE can i screw it up too bad where it would have been a better idea to dish out the extra $$ for a cobra bumper?
  4. You don't need a GT bumper. It's a grill insert that will fit in the grill of any 87-93 LX or GT mustangs. You cut out part of the stock grill dis slides in.

    I have one of these on my LX Mustang (no pics though). In my opionion it's the grill all 87-93's should have come with to begind with
  5. It's pretty hard to screw up actually...back when I put the cobra grille in mine (the whole 4 months that I had it in :() I actually cut the grille out wrong, but the cobra grill covers the whole area so you really can't see the screwups.
  6. My friend I put one on his 92 2.3 it took about 30min to get it on. He took it and had it painted and then we used the template to cut the ford piece out of the bumper and use the tape that comes with it and two screws to hold it in place. When I get back to school I will post some pics of my friends and mine
  7. Sweet ! thanks for the help, just bought mine off ebay for 49.50 shipped! didnt come with the pony, but thats ok...i dont need it until i finish the body work!
  8. Sorry to take so long but here ya go. :nice:
    RIP Silver Stang :(
    My Cobra Grill that I will one day put in :rolleyes:
  9. sweet, i cant wait till mine gets here! cobra bumper here i come!
  10. that's the best route to go because i doubt you will ever find an actual cobra bumper without paying out the A$$.
  11. Repro Cobra Grill Insert

    I purchased mine off ebay as well, and just installed it.. it didnt cover the entire front section, I have an overlap on both ends, it also sticks out a quarter inch on the front of the car, the hood sits further back from it.. Im rather dissapointed to how it came out..

    The instructions were very bad..

    Im goint to attempt to use some type of plastic filler on the edges to blend and bond it to the bumper, sand it, and then hopefully when the car is painted it wont be that noticable..

    I'll snap a pic when I get a chance...
    Ive emailed the reproduction company, if they dont have anything to say about my dissapointment, I'll post the name of the company on here.
  12. I've seen the ebay repros and even from the picture they look bad. I have a cervini's insert and its lines are perfect. It fits like a glove.

    I know it was $125 vs. 40-50 for the ebay repro...but you get what you pay for