Expired 1994 Mustang Cobra Black Leather Seats Front And Rear 22k On Them Excellent Shape

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  1. title says it all I have a 1994 cobra with only 22k on it and the car is a garage queen never seen rain or snow...you wont find a better condition set of oem leather seats any where I can guarantee you that...passenger and rear have almost no wear what so ever and the driver seat has 22k on it...they are very pillowy so it does have normal creasing for a seat with 22k on it but as I say youd be hard pressed to find a nicer one...I can get you pics upon request...im looking to get 600 for them and I live in ohio....lmk
  2. pics please
  3. i have included a pic of my car as well so u can see the type of vehicle i own and that they are coming out of...also the pics really make them appear a bit more worn than what they actually are because of the flash...just wanted to point that out...the passenger and rear seats are like I say the nicest I have ever seen and I go to a lot of shows and cruise ins....the drivers seat is the nicest ive ever seen too but like I say since they are so pillowy there is nothing you can do to prevent the creasing. 20130119_093347.jpg
    20130815_080458.jpg 20130815_080551.jpg 20130815_080521.jpg

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  4. thanks for the pics. They do look good, but too $$ for me right now
  5. They look great. Have you done any kind of leather treatment to them?
  6. no leather treatment or touch up paints or anything other than 1-2 weekly interior detailings using armoral natural finish...non greasy...detailer spray...plus of course the fact that no one ever rides in this car with me and it only has 22k on it
  7. Well I get a lot of calls so I'll keep my ears open for anyone looking for seats.
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