1995 Mustang Special Edition?

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  1. I was at a bar the other night and I met a girl who said she also drives a Mustang. I was asking her about her car a little bit and she said it was a 1995 Mustang Coupe Special Edition with a V6. The "Special Edition" threw me off a little bit, I hadn't heard of that before. I went to her house today and sure enough, she's got a V6 Mustang with silver "Special Edition" decals below the fender emblems and I think there was one beneath the Ford emblem in the rear. Does anyone know what's so special about the Special Edition?
  2. :scratch: maybe just had/came with more options :shrug: . maybe in the v6 forums they can give better info on this.
  3. Never heard of this...The only special edition in 95, if you consider it special, is the GTS model, but its for a V8.
  4. well the real "special edition" in 1995 was the Cobra R.....but the GTS as well....idk about a V6 special edition...

  5. Ive seen those ****ing emblems sold at Kragen and AutoZone. Just some bs thing that people put on their cars. They are silver and say special edition for like 3.99.
  6. I'd put my money on this........There was no special edition that I know of.
  7. Nope, more than likely whoever she bought the car from put some type of emblems on the car and told her that she was buying a special edition. Hopefully for her she wasnt stupid enough to pay anything extra because of how rare the car was...LOL
  8. ive heard of dealerships putting together their own "packages" like this where its really just a badge and a free cup holder? .. glad to know you two hit it off though lol
  9. I would offer to help her make it a special edition.
  10. :D
  11. nah, you should show her your.....yeah, special edition :p
  12. she got hoodwanked :rlaugh: never hurt to research a car before you decide to buy the damn thing. leave it up to girls.
  13. Hey its not half as bad as the jack a$$es in idaho that put GT emblems on V6's and Cobra emblems on GT's
  14. or the jackasses here putting Cobra emblems on V6s and Saleen emblems on, yep, V6s.
  15. LOL. That makes me laugh. I love seeing the dual exhaust on the V6's - it is a noble upgrade. Really...

    Yeah, only special edition I can think of was the Cobra R along with any GTS's that were produced. As well as the Cobra hardtop convertibles, which I so wish I had gotten instead!
  16. And why the heck would you call a stripped down V8 (GTS) a "Special Edition" anyway? Wouldn't make any sense, except for some moronic marketing ploy.
  17. She said her dad bought it for her, so she isn't out any money on it. She didn't seem very knowledgable about cars either, so I doubt she would have noticed the difference if there was such a thing. But I'll fix that... :nice:
  18. ask any owner of a GTS if they think thier car is special.............

    hell i chose mine over a 95 Cobra.

    wish i had cruise control tho.
  19. Yeah cobra badges on a v6 is bad but Ive seen GTR badges from a skyline on v6s and i cant help but laugh and just say wow.
  20. An old friend of my GF has one, and I've seen another one or two around before. The one my GF's friend had was white with 16-17 inch rims (I just remember them being factory ford wheels, but not stock v6 rims), a moonroof, a mach 460, ect. It had the badges in the described places also.