1998 Roush Stg2 Mustang GT MD $15k obo

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Jan 25, 2010
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***RARE*** This is a real 1998 Mustang Gt Roush Edition Stg 2, 5spd, 130k. Has all the plaques, signatures, numbers and tool kit, documented, original Bright Atlantic Blue(very rare color for roush and year). Have owned this car since 2003, garaged kept and covered, meticulously maintained. If your looking at this car, you know what it is. More rare than Saleen.

Some deatails: Has all the roush factory options, wheels,body kit, suspensions, etc...New clutch installed in 2009, new factory intake mani in 2008, cold air intake w/K&N filter, upgrade throttle body and plenum. Factory Mach stereo w/ custom sub and amp in trunk. Have receipts and paperwork that go with the car.

Edit*** So some more info on this car for you guys. This is my dads car, I'm selling it for him. He got it back in the summer of 2003 from a collector in upstate NY, the guy had a garage full of cars, vette, ferrari, some old muscle(guy had money) etc...So we trailered it back to MD and my dad has been driving it since. It has been very taken care of while he's owned it, treated like a collector car. He's about to turn 60yrs and would like something a little more comfy so he has decided to sell the roush.

From Roush racing's site.

It was Jack Roush’s lifelong passion for hot rods, racing, and Mustangs that was the driving force in the 1995 creation of Roush Performance Products , a company offering an extensive line of aftermarket performance parts, vehicles and crate engines. With the creation of Roush Performance, Jack Roush began working with dealers to customize a car that he had always had a passion with, the Ford Mustang. Jack Roush’s first attempt to deal directly with Ford was actually in 1988, when Roush introduced a 351 cubic inch, twin turbocharged Mustang, which was a hopeful 25th anniversary edition, but this 400 horsepower Mustang was turned down by Ford due to the costs of production.

1994-1998 Roush Mustangs
The first generation Mustangs from Roush came in 3 Stages. Stage 1 was an appearance package and consisted of the following:

Roush Logo Package
Roush Dash Medallion
17″ x 8″ Roush Wheels (current wheels were a roush option, they are 18's and staggered)
Roush Side Skirts
Roush Rear Wing
Roush Window Decal Package
Roush Front Spoiler
Limited Edition Trunk Tool Kit
Roush Embroidered Floor Mats
There was a Stage One Plus level that added the following to the base Stage One Roush Mustang:

Rear Valance
Side Exhaust System
New Side Skirts

The SN95 Stage 2 Roush Mustang included everything in Stage 1 Plus, but also added a suspension upgrade package:

Pinion Snubber
Rear Anti-Roll Bar
Front and Rear Springs
Koni Adjustable Struts (front)
Koni Adjustable Shocks (rear)

Asking $15k obo or trade for something luxury/sport, 05+ Stang bmw,merc, audi, porsche etc...
Conatct: Patrick 301-792-1234 or email or pm
[email protected]





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