1st Winter Storage

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  1. True as that may be, there are brand new cars that sit on car lots the amount of time that a car might be in storage over winter. I don't think it's the end of the world to say the least. It may be worse if you have really old used oil in there before you put it away.
  2. Is that just for collision insurance on the car? What about 3rd party liability and comprehensive coverage.

    Declared Value $20k and no mileage restrictions.
    Basic Coverage which incl. uninsured motorist protection = $612
    3rd Party Liability @ $2mil = $93
    Collision @ $500 deductible = $125
    Comprehensive @ $300 deductible = $90

    Total Annual premium = $ 920.

    So what is your coverage for only $207/year?
  3. I also have Grundy with an agreed upon value of 7,500 bucks with a $127 a year premium. It needs to be your second car and of course at least 20 years old. It includes collision and theft with no deductible, but it also required a clean drivers license...at least here in N.J. it did.
  4. mine is comp, collision and all that other jaz included
  5. You will find that Rathdrum is right in the North Idaho snow belt along with Twin Lakes and Spirit Lake. Those areas always seem to get much more snow than Coeur d' Alene or Post Falls. I only took my Mustang out up there during the Winter if the roads were dry and that might have been once or twice.
  6. On my bikes, I put fresh oil in them and put the tender on them. Some years I do nothing and no change in outcome. It's only a couple of months.... Not like its going in a container and buried. Put a cover on her and be done with it. Change the oil in the spring as it will give you a reason to drive it!
  7. [quote="85_SS_302_Coupe, post: 8767897, member: 55302". I hear a lot of guys talk about changing the oil before storage, but that to me is silly because the oil just sits in the pan not doing anything but aging, so I personally just leave the current oil in it and do an oil change first thing before the first start up in the spring.[/quote]
    I agree. Plus after sitting all winter the oil is all in the pan. When you drain it you get all the old oil out, then refill with new. No reason to do oil change before storage. I don't put mine away for the winter. There are nice days in the winter with no salt on the roads.

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  8. Either way, it sure as hell doesn't hurt, especially if this is a summer-only type of car and the oil change is usually done in the spring time. By the time fall rolls around, more than likely an oil change is due depending on how much the car is driven.

    Like I said, i've done both when doing short term storage so it's really not a critical point here to go back and forth over.
  9. What is critical is anyone know where I can get E85? The local place no longer sells it :(

    and in unrelated news, I left the car uncovered 1 day, bird got into shop, :poo: on car.

    The :poo: was not found until i had rescued the bird, dumbass got stuck in an empty box. I set it free then was waling past car = :poo:!
  10. That sucks about the E85! You might have to see if anyone in Spokane sells it. If so that would still suck to have to drive there to fuel the 1000 H.P. beast.
  11. place in sokane sell it, but its 33 miles away. I should look at a 55 gallon drum for the shop
  12. doesnt that stuff go bad alot faster than regular old 93 octane though? or is it a moot issue in the cold?
  13. if the container is sealed its ok.
  14. Yeah, I don't technically put mine away either for the same reason. Life is too short. If there's a sunny day in January, and the roads haven't been salted for a while, I'm getting the beast out. There's nothing better than crisp/dense winter air for making power :D

  15. Yeah definitely doesn't hurt. A lot of people also forget that oil changes are 3k miles OR 3 months, so your weekend only car that probably doesn't even get driven 3k a year still needs oil changes just from sitting in the garage all the time.
  16. I have $23K value and 3500 miles a year for $470 thru American Collectors
  17. Yeaaaa for an engineer's attention to detail!

    That said, when I pulled my engine apart with ~85K miles on it, the inside was pretty damn clean. I switch between Valvoline and Mobil 1 full synthetic, and I don't ever think to change it before I put it away for the winter. I think with good maintenance and good oil, it's probably not much of a concern, but I'm all for going the extra mile. I've even used fogging oil in the cylinders before when I knew it was going to sit for a long time in a poorly sealed garage.
  18. For you guys with agreed value insurance, how many of you track your cars? I have never been able to find agreed value insurance that allows you to take even one run down the drag strip.

  19. If you get a drum, how would you keep it sealed? Would a syphon pump attached to the bunghole ( I was ying to say that :D ) keep it sealed for any length of time. I'm sure you get great mileage and all with that beast, but 55 gallons would last quite a while as much as you drive her!
  20. Sometimes it's a curse because I overthink things.

    Wouldn't put a 75g aquarium in my 3rd floor condo until I did a floor load calculation. Took me 3 weeks to research the stud size and construction.