2001 p0455 ca smog fail

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  1. Any of the vapor lines disconnected with a tool may be damaged. The female connectors are easily damage by excessive force. As for what to do, you are on your own. The Ford service manual does not list the O-ring as a replaceable/serviceable part.

    Once when my Son and I replaced a fuel pump in a 2000 Ford Contour, I used a pair of neddle nose pliers to disconnect a vapor line. Big mistake. The O-ring came out and the fitting would not re-click. After multiple attempts to get the O-ring back into the groove, I gave up and got another set of vapor lines from the salvage yard.

    Lesson leaned. When the manual says, "do not use a tool to disconnect", there's a reason. Very painfull leason as this was the only home project I have every done where I called a tow truck out and took the car to a professional to complete the job. We simply could not get the correct angles without a lift (working from jack stands). It turned out that we had damaged the connector with the pliers and did not know it at the time.

    The design of the Mustang's tank is much better than a Contour's. What a nightmare the Contour was.

    When you find the leak/problem, can you take some pictures?
  2. I will, I am spending a lot of time chasing this one, hopefully it can help some one else. all connections have seated and locked fine, I will make sure I do not use excessive force on them.

    right now, after erasing the code, the diagnostics are all done except for the CAT, I do not know if CAL1forn1a will allow me one not finished diagnostic. I have an appointment at the test station, is a pass of free re-tests, for the morning, I asked them when I called and the receptionist did not know. the mil is off, if it comes on before then, I will not go, since after 2 code wipes the evap needs to run again. maybe I am lucky,

    In all seriousness, I want to find the issue and be done.
  3. po455

    best of luck tommorrow

    was searching for those parts...canister vent solenoid / fuel tank pressure sensor..

    was sent to this thread on f150 forums..he had 455 but was asking for cvs...he ends up changing purge valve instead,,his story ended with ive driven 300 miles no cel yet...

    Canister Vent Solenoid YL5A-9F945-AA - F150online Forums

    read the last line

    Fuel Tank Pressure Sensor

    Part Description The Fuel Tank Pressure Sensor is a device that tracks any positive or negative pressure changes in the Fuel Storage or Evaporative Control (EVAP) System. It constantly feeds this pressure information to the Power Train Control Module or PCM. The Fuel tank Pressure Sensor is located on the Fuel tank.
    System Overview
    The Evaporative Control (EVAP) System captures any raw fuel evaporating from the fuel storage system (e.g. the fuel tank, the filler neck, and fuel cap). Under precise operating conditions dictated by engine temperature, speed, and load, the EVAP system stores and purges these captured fuel vapors back into the combustion process.
    How Part Functions In The System
    The Evaporative Control System is designed to not only capture, store and purge any raw fuel vapors that leak from any areas of the Fuel Storage System but also to run a series of self-tests that confirm or deny the Operational and Vapor Holding ability of the System.
    The purpose of the Fuel Tank Pressure Sensor is to feed Fuel Storage and Evaporative Control (EVAP) System pressure information to the Power Train Computer (PCM). The Fuel tank Pressure Sensor functions very much like a Manifold Absolute (MAP) Pressure Sensor in that it is a sensitive diaphram that is attached to a voltage and a ground source. As the pressure increases or decreases, the diaphragm changes how the voltage travels between the two electrical connections. The PCM can translate the voltage changes into very precise pressure readings. When the Evaporative Leak Test is performed, the PCM carefully monitors the pressure changes registered by the Fuel Tank Pressure Sensor and then calculates whether or not the EVAP system is holding vacuum and pressure properly during each Leak Test. This is an important task because at least 20% of the Vehicle produced air pollution originates from malfunctioning Vehicle Fuel Storage Systems.
    There are many ways for vehicles to 'leak test' the Evaporative System, but most perform the leak test either when the vehicle is sitting, say over night, or shortly after initial start up after the vehicle has been sitting over night. The Evaporative Systems operational performance is also tracked by the Power Train Computer by reading the change in the Oxygen Sensor voltages and Short Term Fuel Trim when ever the stored Vapors are released or 'purged' back into the combustion process. These values should indicate that fuel is being added to the system and that the over all mixture is getting richer. The purging process occurs when the vehicle is under acceleration, which is when most vehicles require additional fuel.
  4. WOOOHHHOOOOO, It passed the sm0g test. I read it last night and only the cat diag was missing. the tech told me CA allows one, before I had Cat and EVAP. I am sure the p0455 is just looming, I had less that 1/4 tank, so the evap diag would not run. I still want to fix that intermittent error. I will change the VMV and see what happens. At least for now stress is lower. I can go back to the 75 Bronco build, to have at least one smog exempt vehicle and 2 cars for commuting.

    Thanks Burns and Cobra for the help. I am in your debt.

  5. po455

    thanks but wmburns is the man,,,,i did learn here for if i ever have this code again.

    reply back on update if light comes back..

    found this on those parts...canister vent solenoid ,,call dealer rumor has it that its cheap...

    fuel tank pressure /fuel tank pressure transducer solenoid

    Fuel Tank Pressure Sensor
    Removal and Installation

    NOTE: The in-line fuel tank pressure sensor is repaired along with the fuel vapor vent valve and the fuel vapor control valve as a fuel vapor control valve tube assembly.

    For removal and installation of the fuel vapor control valve, refer to Fuel Vapor Control Tube Assembly Valve in this section.

    fuel vapor control tube assembly


    notice note on rubber grommet ,,,

    look here for parts

    Tousley Ford Parts Depot

    link i was in..pic and prices from ford

    Tousley Ford Parts Depot
  6. looks like there are more than just a TPS on top of the tank, I ill wait for the next 1/2 sale day at the local pi a part and get the whole set up, including evap purge, vent and filler, I think when I swap all this it will make sense to replace the gas pump, 120K on the odo, it might be time.
  7. 455

    for the 40 bucks i would go all new on the ftps,,,,to me i was more thinking about the rubber grommets and the spot its leaking...that would be hard to find even with a smoke machine...

    bty,,,, did code come back?
  8. not yet,

    where could I get the FTPS for 40?
  9. tousley ford,,item 11

    Tousley Ford Parts Depot

    your local might match his price/prices if you ask


    thislooks wrong so i call dealer,,

    he say cv solenoid should be,,f8dz-9b593-ab list-84.00

    vapor tube on tank..f8zz-9e498-ba list ,,60.48

    ill search for some pics of these parts
  10. got a P0457 this morning, reset the ECU while driving.

    I see that the vent solenoid is the same as the windstars, those are very common on the wrecking yards, I will check the p/n on mine and get one next time I am down there.

    Thankx Cobra