2004 Cobra as daily driver?

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by onrailz, May 18, 2004.

  1. I have 58K on my 01 and I got it in May 2001. Everything is fine with the motor... Have a TKO and a somewhat built solid rear now though... hehe

    And the reason they are breaking the T-56s (more than likely) is because the input shaft is garbage just like on the 3650.
  2. Back to handling in the snow. I think it is important to drive these things in the winter so SUV drivers understand how we feel the other 355 days of the year when we are stuck behind them.
  3. Hahah..
  4. Mine is no. 21 of all coupes built for the 03 model delivered early June of 02. It had a 99/01 Cobra Bassani x/p and catback put on it the first night. A 2.93 pulley went on in July of 02 with 99/01 JBA headers and a 2.80 pulley in August of 02. A four pound lower was added in June of last year. The car just rolled over 35k miles, daily driven and has seen several snows. It has made close to 150 passes down a track with most of them on ET Steets with 4.10 gears and the 3.90 gears I run now. The only problem I've had was the TOB. It makes 18 psi and 503 rwhp SAE and 550 rwt and it drives like a stock 03 except when you crack the throttle. It will roll the 315 BFG KD's at 50 mph in second with just throttle. Get the car. You'll never regret it. My buddy just bought a second one for his wife. $1200 in mods and it dynoed 460 rwhp SAE.
  5. Luck of the draw????? I'm pushing 90K on my mildly S/C SOHC.

    I think the 03/04 Cobra will endure the test of time for owners who seriously maintain their vehicles.
  6. :idunno: my dad has no problem driving his 89 GT 5 speed all winter. i think as long as you knwo whaty yoru doing, adn knwo how your car handles, you shoudlnt have any problems in the winter
  7. You do realize that this is why the rest of us hate you, right?;)
  8. That's the 03 my buddy bought for his wife. We drove down to Fla from NC to pick it up and all he talked about was he wasn't going to mod it like his 03. I was thinking :rolleyes: the whole time. I think it stayed stock two weeks.

    He dropped his 03 off at my home tonight with another round of bolt-ons for me to install and he is getting a KB in about two weeks when they release the new blower that doesn't spray oil. It's going to kill me to install it and not put one on mine. I'm waiting awhile.