2005 Camaro?

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  1. i think the blue one with the styling from the orange ones front clip (fenders, hood, grille) would look awsome. Any photochoppers?
  2. god damn,. im not much of a chevy fan,. but good lord look at that orange one,.. it looks mean as *****... :hail2:
  3. That's the one that GM *didn't* do. :D
  4. PS They both suck
  5. The blue one would be pretty sweet if it didn't have a pick-up truck front clip on it.
  6. The second one is just too dull and bland to be a Camaro...then again it would fit in well with Chevy's current stable of bland lifeless automobiles. The first one done by the kid rocks. Personally I think it looks better than the 05 Stang but I have a warm spot for the older Camaros.
  7. here are some other concepts i came across


    the last gen camaro owned mustang in oerformance, but it isnt everything, as it was discontinued. ideally i would like both. i love the retro look personally. it hails from a time when cars had personality and styling, not just a box on wheels appearance. but if they have a modern design that looks great, then y all means. i am looking forward to seeing what happens.
  8. It's alright, but I will not betray my pony! Heres to the compitition! :cheers: Camaro will never rule land! On second thought, it sucks. :uzi: CAMARO
  9. So young..So angry..Damn that rap music..... :nonono:
  10. lol, well honestly I don't know if the Camaro can be successful unless they dramatically revamp it compared to the old styles. The last F body had a reputation for being fast (in the eyes of many people, perhaps unnecesarily fast?), with shoddy interior and a starting price higher than a Mustang of comparable equipment. And their styling went from either too bold (The firebird) to too bland (camaro) with little in between. That last site with the Camaro/Firebird concepts actually didn't look too bad, though the basic build of the cars looked a bit too conventional.

    To compete with the new mustang, a new camaro will have to be a little faster, play off its original styling a little but still be modernistic, and take huge leaps forward in terms of interior styling and quality. And even then, with the steps Ford is taking it might not be enough.
  11. They also need to do a better job of packaging. For a hatchback car that big, the amount of interior room and luggage space was pretty pathetic.
  12. Im sorry but all those concepts are ****, pure ****... nothing but ****.
    Camaro's are more of a futuristic car then the Mustang, they're more sporty you could say i guess, Mustangs are more of a comfortable sports car, thats stayed true to its roots. Camaro's aren't meant to be comfortable, they aren't meant to take you to go get groceries, they're meant to get you from point a to point b as fast as possible (IE start of the track to the end of the track) (camaros are way too uncomfortable for anything else)

    Dont get me wrong, Mustang's are my second favorite type of car (cougars are number 1) but imo the last gen of Camaro's are the sexiest cars on the road. Sure they're big, sure they're ridiculously amazing fast, sure they get bad gas mileage (better then my 3.4 Z34... but shh dont tell anyone, that was painful to admit) but from the outside they're just plain sexy. And they actually dont look THAT bad when they're riced out, the first time I saw a riced Mustang i almost cried, riced Trans am was like, hmm dont like the direction, but its ok i guess. Then me and my friend saw a riced 80's cougar with a huge ass wing... so we hooked a rope up to our 69 cougars bumper, and one the other end to the wing, and accidently forgot to unhook it as we drove away with the pedal to the floor. :flag:

    Neways, sorry about that, modern-retro isn't the way for the Camaro to go, i dont know where it should go actually, just completely remake the 69 Z28 with better brakes and suspension i guess, or the last gen with a little less clutter and modified looks, and completely redone interior :shrug: ... or let it die in its prime. The 05 Mustang looks great and when i first saw it i felt something, it made me get all tingly... Then there are THOSE concepts, those made me feel somethin too, but it was more of a go find a toilet and barf feeling.
  13. Platinum and for every reason you gave is EXACTLY reasons why the Camaro is dead now. If GM built another F-bod that had no creature comfort but was just balls out fast(and pricey) they wouldn't last more than 5 years before they were dead again and this time likely for good. And the Camaro IMO and honestly a lot of other people's opinions was just bland. The last F-bod might have looked futuristic in say 1990 but right now it looks aged as hell. Not classic...but just old.
  14. Oh, and GM has to market it... several guys on LS1 agree with me in that the Fbody might still be around if GM hadn't made the conscious decision to kill it... think about it, before they killed it, when was the last time you had seen an Fbody commercial? The 80s?
  15. How often do you see GM do commercials for specific vehicles, other than trucks? There are exceptions to this, but it seems GM tends to promote brands in their ads instead of promoting specific vehicles (ie, pontiac ads, chevrolet ads). Is that really the right way to go?
  16. Even with ZERO marketing the still sold almost 70,000 F-bodies in 2002, that was the 10th year of production for that body.

    With a new platform and proper marketing I think they could sell 100,000 no problem. GM would rather waste money on cars like the Aztek that only sell 25,000 a year.

    What pisses me off is they are willing to build niche cars that won't make them as much profit as a new Camaro such as the SSR = 12,000 units/year, Solstice = 20K-30,000 units/year, and GTO = 18,000 units/year. I'd love to see a 400HP LS2 Camaro for under $30,000.

    THe new low cost Zeta RWD platform goes into production in 2006, hopfully the Camaro will be the first car built off it.
  17. Right
    That .84 skidpad really makes BMW cringe. Those sad braking #'s really make BMW cringe. When you look at the hard data the GTO is a overwight pig trying to be nimble.
  18. Isn't that what is also said about the Cobra? One mag had .88 skidpad for the GTO. Better skidpad = Harder ride, Softer ride = worse skid pad. I have heard the GTO has a very smooth ride, a lot better than Mustangs and Camaros. Most BMWs don't pull better than a .88
  19. The Camaro is an ugly and bulky car. It's too rounded looking. If GM brings it back, they should make it look like the 67-69 Camaro. I am sick and tired of GM making ugly and bland looking cars. I would NEVER buy a GM as long as they are like this.
  20. Now don't get too carried away, Ford didn't market the Mustang that hard either, they would just throw pics of 6 cylinder Mustangs into their "0% APR!!!" and such commercials since 9/11. It might have made some difference, but don't overstate it. The FBody might still be around, but it would still be getting outsold by the Mustang by quite a bit. The thing is the Mustang and Camaro had been around so long that people that were thinking about a Camaro would have thought about it with or without a commercial telling them to.

    Any info on this "Zeta RWD" platform? Is it cheap because it sucks or because GM will be sharing it among many vehicles? From data I've seen the underpinnings of the 05 stang are truly amazing, it will take a lot to compete with it.

    Shatner - there is a GTO specific commercial out, if GM had done a bit of that with the Fbody it might have helped them a little.