2005 Mustang = poor quality?

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  1. Well, I bought a 2001 LS V8 brand new. Never had a single problem in 50,000 miles, except for a rear window regulator taking a dump. Easy fix. Rear end howling?? Suspension clunks? My car was drum-tight, just traded it in 2 months ago with 52K on the odometer and got $18,500 trade on a deal where I was buying at dealer-invoice (meaning my trade value wasn't inflated). Sounds like your friend beats her machinery like hell, and the obsenely low trade value supports my theory.
  2. Looks more like an issue with the seat padding than the leather. I know that on the SN95s the seat padding, esp. in the thigh bolster area had a tendency to basically disintigrate. On my '98 there was pretty much no padding left in that area of the seat by the time I hit ~70k miles. The leather in that area, without much foam to support it, creased up abnormally fast compared to the rest of the seat. Looking at the pic it appears that may be the case here.
  3. That is hysterical!

    But, in all seriousness... I actually prefer to have the visors in a vinyl than a cloth. I prefer convertibles, just my thing, and every Stang Vert I've had has had cloth visors... which dry rot from the sun when the top is down.

    I have a 99 GT Vert that I keep mint... but the visors are so dry rotted now, they are flaking apart. I just ordered whole new visors from Ford. If it were a vinyl or leather, it would be much better for the verts. Over the years, I even tried to find an aftermarket leather or vinyl sleeve for the visors to prevent this... I know other makes and models have the same issue... maybe this is a business idea?
  4. That's not necessarily true. I could just be a lemon. With Ford producing millions of vehicles, some have to be of poorer quality. It's just a matter of the odds. And, unfortunately, there is no way around this. This is why they made the Lemon Law. That factory can't run at 100%, so the law is there to help the consumer in the cirumstances that they get a lemon.

    No dealer is going to say, "Hey! This car has been in here a dozen times in 2 weeks for electrical problems. This qualifies for the lemon law! We'll give you a new one." It's the responsibility of the consumer to exercise his/her rights. Maybe this girl simply didn't know her rights or choose to exercise them. Therefore, she got what she got. Albeit, it's not always easy to invoke the Lemon Law Rights. Maybe she tried. As some of you may remember, I had to do this very thing a couple of months ago with a Lemon SVT Stang. I posted the experience on this board. Had electrical problems galour.
  5. Then simply dont buy a mustang until 2010, drive a honda that has twice as many recalls as Ford.
  6. I would NEVER buy a honda.
  7. What recall has been issued for the 05 mustang? A possible problem with "possibly" defective heads. Again check out Brad's site. An employee on the line has heard nothing of this. And yet you want to use it as fact for recall problems. They are fixing it at the factory.

  8. one word for you


    another thing to check out

  9. Then buy a toyota.
  10. They don't go with the Cobra in 2005... Why??? You do testing on the GT first and after all the bad recall resolving... They lauch the Cobra or Shelby or ???
  11. Because SVT is involved in other things besides the next mustang cobra. :nonono:
  12. Your knowledge of the automotive development and testing and manufacturing process is right on par with a 12 year old, as everything you say is pure naive assumption of things you seem to know little about. I don't know whether to pound my forehead against my desk, or laugh uncontrollably waiting for the next "gem" to be tickled from your keyboard... If you would ask questions in your posts, instead of making these utterly dumbfounding statements based in pure fantasy, maybe you'd learn a little here, instead of just being heckled.
  13. Obviously someone doesnt have common sense.

    Why would you bring out a line of an upgraded mustang that would directly take sales away from the GT's? What bad recalls? are you saying that you can predict the future?
  14. NO... But I saw the past recall for first year production car Mustang and other's and it's not so good! To much dreammer here...
  15. Would you like to compare it to Toyota or Honda?
  16. Was this car made just for demos? This doesn't bother me now that I have had time to think about it. I have seen a few luxery cars in the past with very wrinkely seats( can't remember if they were merc's or Lexus's) these cars wernt all that old. I also remeber that in a funature store the higher quality leather(softer) shows wear much sooner than other harder types of leather. maybe this seat was made a bit nicer than a regular production cars seats for good first impressions. and if thats not the case the 5,000 people who have set thier fat sweaty arses on it may have something to do with the wrinkles. Also if the car wasn't made off the massproduction line maybe a worker didn't spray enough adheasive to the leather, so it's not sticking to the foam....? I guess all these are possibilities that can't be looked at better untill we get real production ars to look at.
  17. I was told at the NY Auto show when I asked about sitting in the '05 that the one there wasn't made to be able to stand the abuse of a lot of people sitting in it, it was made just for show even though it had all the working components. Maybe the one in the picture is the same thing, just that after a while people snuck in it and such which has ruined it. Or maybe they are even letting people in that particular car now because it has gotten so much closer to production.
  18. Better the seats getting ruined than the 4.6 liter engine. Although there's news out now stating that the new 2005 Mustang GT's all have defective engines. When will Ford get it right?
  19. Where are you getting this news about the engines?
  20. Get what right?
    When will YOU get it right?