2005 Mustang = poor quality?

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  1. Lemme guess? Blue Oval News right? When are you people going to stop believing the BS that comes out of the site? Wise up people! The only reason BON exists is to smear Ford. If you check out Brad Barnetts site, there's a post from an AAI employee that completely debunks the BON story. Perhaps next time you'll check a few other sources besides BON before you make an ass of yourself again.
  2. . . . . and the "stereo head unit" is the same as in the 2005 Ford Focus that I rented last week.
  3. I always thought that BONN was supposed to be for the Ford consumer and that BONN had the "inside" story about things that are going on at Ford. Why would BONN want to smear Ford? Lots of the information that's posted in the BONN site is very informative.

    And if this is not true about the engines being defective, "WHY"....., and I will say it again so everybody who has jackass ears in here can hear this...."WHY" haven't Ford executives come out to say that there's "NOTHING WRONG" with the 4.6 liter GT engines rather than by giving lots of Ford enthusiasts like me the impression that they are lying. huh? WHY? I love the Mustang as much as every other hooch in here. I want to see Ford get it right for once. When Ford executives do not come out of the woodwork to speak up and tell the consumer that there is nothing wrong with the Mustang GT 4.6 liter engine. That's all. What's so hard to understand about this. I keep my eyes and ears open unlike some others who take everything for granted. I don't believe everything is okay with the new 2005 Mustang GT up until I hear it "directly" from the Ford executives. And as long as those $hitheads are going to keep this under the carpet, I will have my doubts about the new 2005 GT's 4.6 liter engine being in 100% excellent working order. I just don't trust Ford because I know that Ford has always hid things like this from the consumer. I am not naive unlike some others in here.

    Please understand, I don't mean to flame anybody in here, but how do you know that there's nothing wrong with the Gt's 4.6 liter engines? Give me the proof that you are right. And forget about the AAI employee who said that no problem exists. Give me solid proof from the executives who are up top at Ford that there's nothing wrong with the Mustang GT 4.6 liter engine. Up until I see the proof I cannot believe that there's nothing wrong with the new 2005 Mustang GT's 4.6 liter engine. Show me the proof and then I will believe it. Until then, no proof no donut.
  4. http://forums.bradbarnett.net/index.php?showtopic=5279&st=240

    Last post on the page. It's from an AAI employee that works on the Mustang assembly line. In case you don't believe that's true, be sure to check all his posts with pics of hundreds of brand new '05 Mustangs (including GTs) sitting on the lot outside of AAI waiting to be shipped. I'd trust the word of an AAI employee long before I'd trust anything that comes off of Robert Lane's site (BON). BTW, don't you think sites like Detroit News and Autoweek (who regularly report production issues/recalls with the automakers) would have reported this also? Why is it that only BON seems to get these "inside" scoops? Think carefully on these questions before you make an ass of yourself for the third time.
  5. But why should Ford executives jump out and say something everytime BON posts anything. And personally I would believe the employee over the executives. From my experience employees are generally more honest about what is going on at a company. Given the history between BON and Ford I would be asking BON for proof long before asking Ford to prove BON is lying.
  6. i've worked for all the big three dealerships over the last 8 years and learned to never buy the first year or a new design or engine combo.i would personally wait until it's been around 3 or 4 years to purchase one myself.usually by the time the automakers get it right or all the bugs worked out they do away with it.daimler chryslers brainstorm of doing away with the 4.0 for the 3.7 example.i understand new technology must prevail and be tested or engineers wouldn't have a job but sometimes some of the stuff they do is rediculous and the recalls are insane,all recalls aren't life threatening or even noticed after you do it.
  7. However on as a counter to that. How many cars regardless of how long they have been out. Have not had either a recall or TSB issued on them. I didn't find any in the quick search I did. But maybe you have better info.
  8. Use your head. Ford executives have more important things to do than get tugged around by their weiner by BON. They just ignore that site, for the same reasons that George Bush doesn't take a minute out of his day to defend why he's not a "Nazi". You can't allow yourself to get caught up defending the absurd, or you just wind up becoming a slave to the very people attacking you. Once they know that they can get a reaction from you, regardless of how baseless your accusation is, they'll start flooding you with more and you wind up in a position where you're guilty until proven innocent. Execs are smarter than that.
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  11. The local dealer I spoke with told me that he went to a 2005 model preview that they go to every year for every car. He said the new Mustang (V6&GT) that Ford put out was just a model they put out for the media and thats about it. The trunk pop didn't work or did half of the gadgets, just because it was a car to put out. It wouldn't surprise me that some things change as they show up on the show room floors.
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