2007 Mustang Shelby GT price

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  1. Hi All,
    Did not see a specific Shelby forum so posted here.

    Saw near me a Shelby Mustang GT - 2007 black with silver stripes with a for sale sign by owner on it. Believe this has 320hp, ford racing performance racing package and 3:55 rear end.

    Did not find a price on kbb or edmunds as it is not listed. There is the Mustang GT - Coupe and Convert, V6 - coupe and convert plus the GT500 - coupe and convert.

    Says it has 18k miles, anyone have an idea of a price? so i dont overpay
    Thanks :)

    99 Contour SVT - Green
  2. Don't know but I talked to an individual on the Mustangs Across America trip who just bought a 2008 GT 500 with 2,000 miles for $34,000.
  3. Hey thanks. That will give me max price, maybe for 18k miles I should not pay more than $30,000.

  4. Just wanted to make sure you saw that he said GT500, not Shelby GT.
  5. Is this a previous Hertz rental car? Black with silver stripes is their colors I think. If so, I wouldn't touch it. Guess why someone would rent that (if it was , in fact, a Hertz)... Know that doesn't answer your Q, just a thought.
  6. The Hertz Mustang Shelby was Black and Gold.

    KBB shows about $21-$22k for that car although I wasn't sure what options it had. If you select Mustang GT Coupe there is a check box for Shelby Pkg.

    A Shelby GT is completly different then a GT500. You could probably buy a new 2009 Shelby GT for $34,000.
  7. They only made the Shelby GT's one year 10,000 units Black with silver stripes and white with silver stripes.

    They are only a GT with FRPP suspension. and no spoiler, They are collectables. I wouldnt pay more that $20 for a used on. my local dealer would let his go "NEW" for $27K.

  8. Your right, he did mentioned GT500 and I was talking about just the Shelby GT. so that changes the price.

    Saw another one on cars.com for $27k
  9. You are right it is the Shelby GT, black with grey stripes, not a Hertz Shelby GT-H
  10. 2007 Shelby GTs go anywhere from $27,000 to $35,000 on Ebay. Not saying this is how it always it, but generally the case.

    2007 Mustang GTs go for $16,000 to 19,000

    2007 GT500s go for $34,000 to $38,000 in the "normal price" offers. There are still some dealers and owners hoping you'll pay $42,000 though. My buddy just bought a used 2007 GT500 with 32 miles on it for $35,000 in Texas.

    As far as collecting, if there is such a thing anymore with newer cars, the Shelby GT stands the best chance for two reasons mainly.

    1) It's a "real" Shelby. Sent to Shelby's factory, worked on and stamped, signed and numbered, etc.

    2) They didn't make a lot. Like 10,000 black ones and 200 or so California yellow ones and a pile of white ones. I think in the end from 2007 to 2008 there's like 22,000 in total. The first year with black being the hardest to find nowadays, besides yellow.

    My guess is you will see SGTs prices fall before they level or even rise (if ever) So even though they are holding their resale better than the GT500 (especially the original mark ups), it's going to be a long while before people really "notice/remember" them. Especially with new Shelbys coming for the 2010 lineup.

    But the 2007s were the "first" of the new Shelbys, so there is something in that I guess. I don't see them hardly at all around here. Maybe one every 4 months or so, sometimes longer. Where the hell are they all at?
  11. FWIW, a new 08 Shelby GT vert is $38k at my local dealer. That's $11-12k off.
  12. Yeah I got mine for $4k under back in Jan '08.

    And that is not 11k to 12k off, ha ha ha. That reduction is only true of the insane markups they had. The real price of that car was $40,000 to $42,000.
  13. Thanks MR_Q
    I did not know that the GT500 was not finished off at Shelby in Vegas, cool to know the Shelby GT - 2007 is finished at Shelby.

    I think I am going to offer $27k for that Shelby I saw and see what I get.

    Many Thanks
  14. I saw a California dealer on ebay with a new 2008 Shelby Gt coupe, fully loaded, in the competition orange asking $34,000.
    I wish I could afford it at this point. Sounds like a deal to me since my local dealer wanted $45,000 for one (a Shelby GT not a GT500).
  15. ?? You're talking about the Shelby GT?

    They made less than 10,000 Shelby GTs between 2007 and 2008.

    Little under 6k (black AND white) for 2007 and 2300 (blue and orange vert and coupe) for 2008.

    There is no yellow Shelby GT.

    Thank goodness they didn't make that many...
  16. There is no yellow Shelby GT.

    There is a Yellow one, it was a special California Edition Shelby made for SOCAL. Only 300 were made and only available in California. I tried desperately to get one, but the markup was just DUMB.

    These were in dealer showrooms throughout California. Although without the Razor wheels and the upgraded brakes, just the standard 18" polished ones. The model kit is actually dead-on for what was in showrooms. The MotorTrend review is the full "-C" car you could order from Shelby.

    The Model Kit for it, heh

    The car itself

    MotorTrend Review
  17. That car is not yellow, it is Grabber Orange (and a 2008 as I stated). The ebay and motor trend links state that. :nice:

    Again, there is no yellow Shelby GT. :)
  18. Wanna bet! I order all of our dealership's Mustangs, SVT's, and Shelbys. We had a new 2008 Vista Blue Shelby GT Convertible that arrived from SAI with an MSRP of $48,040. That is not a second sticker or markup, but the actual MSRP as delivered from Ford and SAI. We sold it deeply discounted for about $37K last year.

    The 2008 Shelby GT Coupes had MSRP's in the $38K to $43K range, depending on options, while the convertibles were about $5K higher.
  19. Not to be picky, but the SoCal '08 Shelby GT's were not Competition Orange or Valencia Yellow. The actual color name is Grabber Orange. Competition Orange was a 2004 Mustang color, and is much darker.

    Valencia Yellow was the working name (pre-production) for the Grabber Orange that was offered in 2007 and 2008 on Mustangs, but it was not officially called Valencia Yellow - it's Grabber Orange.
  20. You guys crack me up..FINE...GRABBER ORANGE! :nice: