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  1. Thanks man...Ill check it out. Do most guys drive...or trailor their Saleens??
  2. There will be both - We're driving from Indiana, but there will be others trailering.

    If you need trailer space, let us know.

    You can register and get more info on the NATIONALS website -
    2009 Saleen NATIONALS
  3. 5 months and counting.

    The host hotel rates that the scoa has locked in are far better than the standard rates on any of their websites.

    Make plans now all saleens are welcome!

  4. We are looking forward to seeing everyone there!

    We are expecting over 100 Saleens, including the S7!

    Please make your reservations early!

    See you there!
  5. everyone's welcome ......:nice:
  6. Where are you staying Mike?
  7. Looks like BW for me too Business Suite..I think I saw a nice circle area for 360's maybe Bill and I can put on a Drifting show?:nono: hahahah....


  8. Copycat. :nono:

    We went for the suite as well. :nice:
  9. Wow, this gang gets around. Good to see it!

    Been a long while since we have been over in this neck of the woods. Sorry.

    Family and I are set over at the Happening Hampton. Looking forward to meeting even more members this year!

    As Charlie has stated, those in the upper Mid-West, please look into the Big Drive forums on the SCOA website. Plans are to leave Wednesday July, 28 to be in Castle Rock Thursday afternoon.

    Here are a few to wet the whistle....2008 Saleen Club of America Nationals-Greenwood, IN

    Hopes are that many of you can attend. You will not be disappointed!

  10. Thanks for posting some pictures!

    We are expecting over 100 Saleens this year (84 Saleens last year) and a few surprises :)

    See everyone there!
  11. This looks awesome and it's in my backyard too!

    How much better could it get!

    See everyone there!
  12. bet, have a ton more where those came from.

    Eagle eyes will spot a mysterious vehicle under cover in the middle photo. What a treat it was to lay eyes on this one of a kind. Seems that before Steve left the company he was working on laying the Saleen magic to the family friendly Ford Fusion. Underneath its blanket is the only one in existence. The prototype Saleen Fusion. Man, did this car have the spectators attention.

    So much in fact, that by the end of the show, the owner had a six figure offer to relieve him of ownership. Or was that six figurines? Yes, now I remember, it was six figurines. If memory serves me correctly, it was a mint set of KISS figures, in their 1978 make-up, a Heath Ledger Joker figurine from the Dark Knight movie, and one pristine 50's era pin-up goddess, Betty Page....and he still turned it down! :shrug:

    Car is now at a un-disclosed, top secret, storage facility and will not see the light of day until the 10th anniversary of its making. Can not wait to see her again in 2017.

    I am positive the gang in Colorado will have even greater suprises in store for us all in 2009.
  13. I heard it may be available for day rentals during the Colorado Nationals, and if you're really good and can't bring your car and have to fly in you might get picked up in the Fusionmobile.....hhaha:lol:
  14. Four months and counting.....:nice:
  15. Saleens, Saleens and more.....don't miss out just show up and you'll see.:D
  16. Time to make your plans -

    We are also sponsoring the SALEENS ACROSS AMERICA, Big Drive to Castle Rock.

    Starting out in several regions, we are meeting up and heading to the mountains. It's free to join in.

    Get more details - SALEENS ACROSS AMERICA 2009.
  17. There will be Saleens everywhere...:jaw:
  18. Unlike some other club's "events".