2010 Taurus Vs LX Mustang

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  1. I agree!

    I like everything from import to domestic but agree the off topic post in here is a little much and borderline trolling especially when there are other places they would fit better.
  2. I think the words, "gone to *****" is a bit extreme, but yeah, I agree, the title for this forum specifically states, "2010 Mustang."

    I like almost any RWD (or AWD) car that's fast, so I enjoy reading about them, but under the "2010 Mustang" topic isn't the place for it. If I recall, there is a forum for all tech articles and other topics that are not Mustang-specific.

    I too have come to this area of the site searching specifically for information on the 2010 Mustang. I don't want to search through Chevy and Dodge posts to find it.
  3. Well, I certaintly dont mean to troll. I kind of stick to a single "Forum" on a Ford site because when I do try to post around, im usually met with the crap I had to go through when I first posted on here.

    Np though.

  4. To me it's not.

    For $46K, i'd rather get the Lincoln MKS with the same engine and AWD.

    Something about a $40K taurus just doesn't sit right with me. That's G37 money right there
  5. Id have to agree.....they keep talking about the Sales of the old Taurus. It wasnt that the tauras was such a quality product, more that the Tauras was an "Affordable" Product, with a family feel. I think the Tauras will have good sales numbers, but it wont be "through the roof" product for Ford. Not for 41k anyway.
  6. I agree.. I think ford has made a big mistake sticking the taurus name on it's top of the line car..

    They should have gone with a new name.. Hell if they released the five hundred properly with the 3.5 liter that would have been a good name.

    When you spend 40k on a car you want to be proud to tell people what you got.. you don't want to say I have a ford taurus.
  7. True that. For that kind of money I wouldn't even be looking at a Taurus. Well, I wouldn't be looking at one anyway, SHO or not. I think it's a good car, but it still strikes me as...Grandpop's car.

  8. ...especially when a few years ago the Taurus was a fleet vehicle you got because it was cheap and used for taxi cabs.

    Now it's their flagship sedan?? :shrug:
  9. Yep I agree.. this is what happens when you let a person who ran a airplane company run a car company.. the name change was all him.. he thinks the taurus name has market value.. I really wonder if he is smoking crack..

    really really dumb move in my opinion and most likely doomed the D3 to failure..

    They really should use how ford handled the D3 as a teaching tool in business school on how NOT to launch a platform..

    seriously what a cluster **** first they release the car underpowered and with boring styling but a good name.. then they fix the power issue 3 years after launch and then screw up the name!!!
  10. I think the styling and power adjustments are really good for the Tauras honestly. However the price of the car is a real turnoff. For the price though 41k....I have to say that I would have to consider the G8 GXP..Chrysler 300 SRT and Charger SRT8 for that money. Good room and a hellavlot more HP and Torque. The Tauras runs well and keeps up with the SRT8 models....though I doubt the feeling is the same..let alone the sound.

    Tauras gets a thumbs up for the non HP junkie type of person :)
  11. Keep in mind it's the SHO that is around 40k, your average taurus starts around 28k I believe, and obviously not everyone who buys a Taurus is going to buy a SHO. It may seem like a lot of money for a Taurus but then you have to consider everything that comes with the package. I mean 5 years ago I would have thought paying 32k for a Mustang GT would be crazy, yet I didn't have an issue with it on my 2010, the whole package was worth it, inside and out this car is nicer than my 05.

    Besides, if you want a cheaper sedan, there's always the Fusion, which IMO is also a nice car, and probably gets better gas mileage.
  12. The new Taurus SHO is an amazing car. Ford is doing great.
  13. ^^^ No one claimed it wasnt a great car, but labeling it a tauras, and then expecting the same results of the times past in sales, is going to be difficult. Like I said if they want good sales, I think theyll get them. It just wont be the great selling item it once was.

    I also like the new fusion and think its more of a "Tauras" type of car than the actual Tauras.....sales wise. Agree with an earlier post that Ford should of kept the "Five Hundred" name plate
  14. Personally, I think Ford should've used the Fusion as an SHO model instead of the Taurus; 365 hp, AWD, and mid-sized car that looks somewhat sporty.
  15. Damn its just as fast as my 99 gt :(, and thats if i run a good time lol.

  16. I agree. The fusion should be the Taurus.

    The five hundred should still be what it is...but Ford shouldn't have debuted it with an aenemic V6. Should have given it a 4.6L V8 and offered it in AWD or RWD.
  17. SS02, I like you man, and I think you're a knowledgeable guy when it comes to cars, but why is it that 95% of the posts you make are either videos/articles of Camaros beating Mustangs or a video of one type of Ford or another getting "one-upped?"

    The GXP wasn't even mentioned in this thread, and honestly, nobody cares about it. After next year, Pontiac will cease to exist, along with the G8. Because of this, the GXP isn't even a legitimate competitor to the Taurus SHO.
  18. ^^^ I believe ive made more posts of positive ford reviews then negative. Ive only made negative comments when im called out like alot of posts. The GXP has been talked about in other threads on here, the one that got locked because of the fight between you and sarge. I made the GXP post because I made a comment earlier about a 41k dollar taurus. Its a 1/4 mile GXP run !!! Why the hell are ppl so defensive on this freakin site. Does that run in anyway diss you or anyone else. I mean it seems that most of the ppl on here agree the 41k price tag is way to hefty for the Taurus nameplate.

    All I was doing was making a post to pretty much say, if im spending 41k, then heres the reason. Ive stopped posting non 2010 mustang threads after the earlier comments. This thread is a previous thread that ppl are still commenting on. And yes, the GXP was mentioned by me. I just thought the 1/4 mile time just backed up my reasoning. To say the G8 isnt a legitamate competiter is wrong I think, GM has a on again off again attitude, and the recent news is that the Chevy Caprice "AKA Pontiac G8" is On again. So it just may remain a competitor.

    GM official news on the G8: For those who care

    The Pontiac G8 is one of the most successful cars General Motors has built in years. It's a hit with the automotive press - it's been the top muscle car in our rankings, which consider the collective opinion of auto reviewers - for months now. But, with the imminent death of the Pontiac brand at the end of 2009, the G8 was scheduled to die after just two model years.


    GM Vice President Bob Lutz tells Automobile Magazine that the G8 will live on as a Chevrolet.

    In an interview in which he announced the cancellation of his own retirement plans, Lutz told Automobile that the G8 will "find its way into Chevrolet showrooms under the Caprice name." Lutz added, "It is kind of too good to waste."

    Jalopnik notes, "CEO Fritz Henderson has repeatedly denied that the G8 would survive as part of another brand, saying he's ‘not a fan of rebadging.' But Lutz, citing export agreements with Australia and the fact that the Holden Commodore is already sold in many countries as a Chevrolet, assured Automobile GM would not let the car die."

    Autoblog comments, "This also makes us wonder if law enforcement-grade models will be part of the deal with Holden to continue production. Chevy Caprice police cars? That's got a very familiar ring to it."

    If you're in the market for a new car, check out the U.S. News rankings of this year's best cars as well as this month's best car deals.
  19. ^^ SS, you sure get a lot of ***** around here! :lol: