2010 Taurus Vs LX Mustang

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  1. I'd buy a Toyota before a Pontiac or another car from GM (Government Motors). I'm not even a Ford fanboy, it's just the honest truth. Anyway, back on subject...
  2. The G8 is dead. Bob Lutz retracted his statement.

    Nobody called you out, and nobody is being defensive. I made an observation, and its one that many other members of this forum have also made and commented on.

    I love the G8, and it's arguably the best car that GM has ever built IMO, but nobody was discussing it. Perhaps a "GXP Vs. SHO" thread is in order...
  3. Maybe, but on a different forum.
  4. On again off again :nice:
  5. I already told you guys ill chill out on the other vehicles on this particular forum:nice:
  6. 0907_01_z2009_chevrolet_capricefron.jpg

    Chevy model:Caprice

    AKA Pontiac G8