2011 GT Shifting Issue

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  1. It's like, 10 degrees in the Detroit area. The grinding for me occurs in from 1-2 and 2-3 shifts. I tend to take it slowly, until the car warms up. When the car is totally warm, there is no crunching during shifts. It's just a temp/fluid thing I'm sure.
  2. I just purchased my 2011 5.0 with 355 6 speed this week. I thought I was a bit crazy that during the test drive, I felt like I couldn't find the gears! Definitely hard to go 1st to 2nd and then even 2nd to 3rd (would jump to 5th). Car only has 3k miles on it.

    This will be my first trip to the dealer, we'll see how it goes.

    Has anyone had any resolution to this matter?


  3. The dealer cannot fix anything at this point. It's been documented by countless users

    Specifically here

    Official 2011 Mustang Manual Transmission Rough Shifting Thread - Ford Mustang Forums

    The good news though is that I installed the barton shift bracket and now have much improved shifting.

    1~2 is a little notchy sometimes but I have yet to miss that 2~3 shift since installing the bracket. The stock bracket allows the shifter assembly to wobble around making it essentially go out of alignment with the transmission resulting in the shifter not going into gear properly. The bracket helps immensely.
  4. Hello,

    I can understand how frustrating shifting issues can be. I am glad you are bringing it in to be diagnosed by your dealer. They are in the best position to resolve your issue quickly. Please PM me with your VIN, contact info, mileage, and dealer so I can try to assist.

  5. Same problem here, hard to shift and whining. I have an appt thursday at my dealer.
  6. The problem is that those trannies are made in China...The Mustang should have a tranny made in America....
  7. I am glad you have an appointment set at your dealer. Please PM me with your VIN, contact information, mileage, and servicing dealer information and I will try to assist.

    At Ford, we believe it is important to build vehicles where we sell them. Check out this great article about our global strategy for a better understanding, Ford Ahead Site ยป Building Where We Sell.

  8. Natasha, I sent you my info. Thanks for the help
  9. I replied to your PM. Check your inbox. :) It is my pleasure to help!

  10. Ok, heres the deal I had with my 2011, bought it in Dec. Two weeks ago it started have trouble shifting into reverse and first gear.. Went to my local dealer, he looked it up and found a SSM on the Clutch bolts.. two days later it was fixed, Sure enough 4 of the 6 clutch bolts were backing out and were only finger tight. Now it shifts like glass, very smooth.
  11. What's an SSM? Is that like a TSB? Can you post this info if you have it?
  12. Hello,

    An SSM is a Special Service Message, which is more simplified than a TSB. It is a general way of letting technicians know what to look for when the suggested resolution is simple and straightforward. When there are special tools or parts involved, that is when it becomes a TSB. Hope that helps!

  13. I don't have the SSM, you will need to check with your local dealer and give them you Vin # they will check the computer, it's there.
  14. Dealer diagnosed whine to be ring and pinon, replaced them and whine still there. I was told I would need to return for a ride along with a tech. I came back for the ride along and instead of tech service manager wanted to ride. I was told that shifting issues are being caused by altered angle on drive line because of steeda springs. He said I only have 9k and have plenty of warranty. If problem gets worse to bring it back but that only thing that will help is to go back to stock suspension.
  15. Are you F'ing kidding me? That's the most outlandish thing I've heard all week. Ford is now aware that there is a problem and one guy actually has had his service manager say that there is a NEW (as in revised we believe) MT82 on the way from ford to replace his current one.

  16. HAHAHAHAHA seriously Ford treats its customers like chit. Give steeda a call and tell them whats up. I'm sure they can help you. Thats such BS what the dealership told you. Nothing on the driveline gets effected by lowering the car 1-2inches.
  17. The boss sits lower than the GT and it has shifting problems as well.

    They've shut down the mustang production line up in Flat Rock, MI due to transmission problems.

    the dealers are just as tired of this problem as the owners of the cars are and it seems like they're taking desperate measures to keep these transmission problems out of their hair.

    If they try to void your warranty for any reason, contact a consumer protection/fraud attorney. I'm willing to bet that just a phone call from a magnusson moss lawyer to the dealership will changed their attitude. Remember, a dealer has to provide proof that whatever it is they're blaming caused the problem.

    One owner had a dealership tell him they wouldn't work on the car because he had different tires. TIRES!! View attachment 186198
  18. springs

    Simple solution. Put the original springs back on and see if the problems persist.

    The pinion angle is changed when a car is lowered and adjustments have to be made.
  19. What is your source for the info that ford has shut down production due to tranny problems?

    What size tires were installed? Why does not the customer just put the stock tires on and see if the problem persists?