2011 V6s are gonna **** me off I know it

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  1. dude you seriously got RIPPED, i paid 6,800 for my 97gt 6yrs ago and at only 54,000 miles and in excellent condition. these dealers are way to proud for there cars. i bought my wifes 07 300 touring edition for $10,500, the dealer wanted 16,5, blue book was 18,9. so you got ripped so admit it:D
  2. Your GT looks really nice. But like everyone is saying, you paid waaaaay too much for it. Showing off those links doesn't help justify that you grossly overpaid, it just shows that there are people out there who have no idea that their cars are not worth what they think they are.

    People bring YOUR car into the discussion because you said that the new V6s are too expensive. You complain that they're too expensive yet you are willing to OVERPAY on a 13 year old NPI GT? You could have gotten a Cobra in good shape for that money. Have a problem with the price of a new V6/GT? Wait and buy a low mileage used one for thousands less.

    And yes, you can certainly get clean GTs for MUCH less than what you paid. Granted mine had more miles but I paid less than half of that and mine was clean. You're kidding yourself to say that those of us who got a fair deal must have just gotten "****boxes," because it's FAR from the truth. :rolleyes:
  3. The average V6 Mustang doesn't cost $30K. You can option them that way, but most are going to be a lot less.

    I bought my 98 Cobra in January for $9000. It has 112,000, but it came with a Vortec, full fuel system, mm coilovers, konis, panhard bar, guages, 3 sets of wheels (1 with race tires), shifter, all the stock parts, and probably something else I'm forgetting.
  4. :nice:you want your money back:D
  5. Funny, I don't see anyone showing me any listings for what I should've paid for my car. Dealers aren't going to let their cars go for half of their price, plain and simple. Show me some of these dealer listings for dirt cheap, mint SN95s. I haven't seen too many stock, mint Cobras in the sub $8k range. I've seen 100k+ mile modified ones, that are clean, but not mint.

    Believe it or not there are a lot of GTs selling for upwards of $15k on Autotrader, I didn't even show those.

    Also, not all of us care about whether or not the car is NPI. The general public doesn't care either, so it's not like that's a huge value hit. I could've bought a new edge, but I don't like the styling one bit. I'm not modding it, and it's my year round daily driver, so I'm not really concerned that it's NPI.

    $9k for a modified 98 Cobra with over 100k miles sounds about right.

    Point is, whether you say I overpaid, this or that, whatever, it makes no difference when those are the prices the cars are going for, proven by a nationwide search and the listings. It doesn't really make sense to compare a purchase from two months ago to a purchase 4-5 years ago, because obviously if you bought your car several years ago, you probably aren't looking and haven't been looking at current prices. The listings don't lie.

    My car is mint, and it's exactly what I wanted, and I was able to find a dealer willing to work with my constraints. $600 lousy dollars over book isn't massively overpaying, sorry. It's not.

    Again, show me some $4k 98 GTs at dealers that are bone stock, mint, and heavily optioned. I don't mean clean, I mean truly mint. Everybody's talking, but nobody's producing.
  6. Are these really what my long winded posts look like? :scratch:
  7. I do, but I want the Cobra more. :D

    Oh, the other part I forgot was a spare T-45 from a GT the previous owner totaled. He kept it in case he ever trashed the one in the Cobra.
  8. heres how your dealer did it, he did 1 of 2. 1 he bought the car auction, paid 25-35% less then trade-in (fair cond) which is approx $4200. or 2 he gave approx $4200 trade-in (fair cond). if its a private dealer he bought the car at auction. used car dealers hardly ever trade, they buy at auctions and pay little to nothing for them. half the cars that go thru auctions have been repaired without report. that meens they dont report them to insurance or comply with local and state laws. so here in my area that car retails for only $7700. hell a 98 cobra completly loaded go for $10,8 and cobra converts go for $12,2. face it dude you got pulled and you know it.
  9. Base 2011 GT in Canada: $38,499
    Base 2012 GT in US: $29,145

    Difference: $9,354 (dollar is at par)

    Moral of this story, quit yer ****in. I could never afford a new GT living in Canada (FML).
  10. The car was a local trade.

    So, I'll even play along here and assume my mint car was traded for "fair" condition value, which is kind of bogus because the car isn't in "fair" condition and the guy who traded it likely knew that and didn't trade unless he felt the price he was getting was decent. But I'll play along with your fair condition trade value of $4200. If my dealer took the car in at $4200, did a few basic services and detailed it (which they did), let's say that puts the dealer out $4500, which is probably realistic given they get stuff cheap, etc. So at $4500 in, why would they take a measly $5k, or even $6k for it? No dealer is going to sell that car for anything close to what they have in it, otherwise what's the point of taking it on trade in the first place? Surely you realize that. It's pretty much a no brainer that they have large profit margins on used cars.

    How did I get pulled if the car values at $7700 in California, and I paid $7800 in the north? All you've shown is I paid more or less spot on what it's worth to an insurance company who'll pay out in an accident.

    What I do see though is you telling me the car trades in fair condition at $4200, retailing at $7700 today in 4/2011, and several people in this thread saying they paid HALF (~$3900, or certainly well under $5k) for my car, several years ago. So if a car trades at $4200 in 2011, how are these people claiming they bought their car several years ago for less than the 2011 trade in value?

    If you're trying to show I got ripped off, you're not doing a very good job by telling me that I paid the retail value of the car. All you're really doing is showing that people in this thread claiming they paid less than today's trade-in value 5 years ago are full of crap.

    What I see is an auction with two full days left and 19 bids sitting at $5200.

    I also don't see a mint car--I see a clean car, and there's a big difference. It's nice, but I see a car with door panels coming apart, a pretty dirty convertible top, and a little wear on the center of the steering wheel. I can also see how dirty the steering wheel is, what that cover is hiding. The top of the rear bumper also has the typical SN95 warping, which is an eyesore. Clean, not mint--big difference. The bumper is a deal breaker, and if that wasn't, the dirty top would be. The automatic is unfortunate. So I see that "clean" car currently sitting at $5200 with two days left and 19 bids.

    Again, even if the car doesn't go a penny higher than $5200 (which it will), I couldn't buy off ebay if I wanted to (nor would I, too unsafe). And, it's again, not what I wanted. Normally I'd say verts are worth more, but it's kind of hard to say that considering probably 1/4 of all Mustangs built are verts, and at that age, coupe vs. vert doesn't make a terribly huge difference in price like it does when a car is much newer. I see more vert Mustangs than any other car on the road, generally.

    But ok, there's one that may or may not prove to be a better deal. I can find 15 more worse values for every better deal you find. I never said I got the deal of the century, so obviously there are always going to be better deals, but I did get a fair deal, especially compared to the rest of the market.

    I like my car, I like what I paid for it, what difference does it make to anyone else? I got a damn nice car, exactly what I wanted--didn't have to compromise on anything.
  11. Which is what the people who are buying new V6s are saying.
  12. I payed $6500 out the door on my car, a bone stock highly optioned 2000 Gt with 81K on the clock. The dealer wanted 10K, told him I would give him half that and we worked up to $6500. He got the car as a trade in for $5500. So he made money and I saved money. Deals are out there.

    Back on topic:

    I could never own a V6 Mustang. I respect the power and how nice they are but I did not buy my car for gas mileage or for its great DD characteristics. I wanted a muscle car, so i bought one. Same deal would be if I bought a new one, but 40K for a 302 Boss, is way too much.
  13. With all due respect, if that really did happen great, but it sounds extremely far fetched. That's basically what it would sell for with a salvage title.
  14. hahaha, ya i hear ya, if all the paper work wasnt case sensarive id scan it and post it. of course there gonna tell ya its a local trade, dealers and lawyers sit at the same table when it all comes to an end. no dealer in this world is gonna give top dollar for a trade in wether its local or not, "mint" or not. dont worry man you can cry on my shoulders for gettin bent.
  15. It's pretty easy to tell if it really was a local trade or not just by looking at the title history, or even just the most recent title.
  16. or just wire up some nitrous and crush some kids hopes and dreams when he comes to pick on the older lesser model lol. I wouldnt worry about it man there will always be something coming out thats better and faster. I felt the sameway when the new 5.0 came out and started getting forced induction and cracking 10s. I have more money in mods on my car than its worth really why sell it.

    im actually selling my mercedes to put more into the mustang cause that gets 29mpg but isnt all that much more beneficial over the mustang cause it comes with a hefty payment. luxury and quiet is nice but eh having more in my pocket each month is better and besides im only 23 so there will be more on down the line.

    Point being just keep your car enjoy it and just remember back when you bought it how excited you were. I remember why i love my stang more than the mercedes every time i drive the stang. (except for when a turn comes up then i remember that its just a mustang and not a mercedes lol)
  17. Well said.

    We are all enthusiasts here and each bought the car for a reason. Enjoy the hell out of what you have because there is always going to be something out there "better".
  18. Mint condition, hmm lemme see, a 71 hemi cuda convertible with EVERYTHING original and less then 84k miles and 1 owner and sat in a garage for the last 25yrs... That's mint, not a 98gt that's been serviced more the a doe lookin for hookie on the corner or stickers and I'd tags that are still visibly ledgeble, not something that's been resold at a dealer that's been detailed and cleaned, but wait the one on ebay. Didn't you say that it was cleaned very well. Heck that means it could be mint too. Dude get real your car is a 98gt that has been "traded" for and detailed and sold to you for too much. As far the 300 deal, it was a repo, and auction bought. The dealer I bought it from paid 7100 at aution detailed it (to mint) condition then I came along and bought for $10,5