$28,000 for a brand new Cobra coupe 2004

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by CarrollShelby, Aug 19, 2004.

  1. Big sale at the SVT dealer's $28,000 for new Cobra coupe??? With rebates and incintives it's going below of the invoice of the car... Wow, that's a deal compare to the GT 2005 at $26,000!

    Well you can put some mod's for the $2,000... But forget the Supercharged! :rlaugh:
  2. I got my '03 SVT 10th Anniversary convertible with 3,000 miles for 30k on ebay. This Cobra was the nicest one Ford built with the most options.. stickered around 45k. I had it inspected by a Ford dealer (bought it from Nissan, trade-in), and the report came back perfect. I noticed for about 2 months that the Nissan dealer kept relisting it and it never hit the reserve price of 36k. I made the offer and the dealer refused. 2 weeks later I bumped my offer 300 and the dealer took it, he said he was making no money on the car at all just wanted it off his lot. I think I got a pretty good deal. Just took it in for its first oil change on monday...
  3. I wish I can go to Canada and buy a Cobra. I'm only 45 minutes from the SVT dealership in Ottawa.