3 Point seatbelt for 66

Discussion in 'Classic Mustang Specific Tech' started by Red66GT, Jun 6, 2005.

  1. I recently posted the thread about the 4 point seatbelt harness and decided it would be best to go w/ 3 point instead since I want to leave the backseat in the car and I have no plans to add a rollbar.

    With that said, how hard is it to install the 3 point safety belt in a 65 or 66 stang, and what kits do you guys recommend?

    Anyone w/ experience please chime in.
  2. red66gt,
    I am also looking for this info..
  3. I've seen a kit that ties into the existing lapbelt somewhere but I forgot what site. My mom doesnt like the seats or seatbelts in them all together so i think shes going to end up getting me a racing seat with a 4 point harness. She doesnt like how the seats only ride up to mid back area and how they flip forward and have no locking device to keep them back. If I find the site that the 3 point kit is on ill post a link.
  4. How is the belt anchored to the roof?
    Is any reinforcement needed?
    Can this be done to a car w/o damaging paint on the roof?
  5. I plan to get some racing seats to 66StangFastback, and I really wanted the 4 point harness...I just wish I didn't need a roll bar or have to take the rear seats out to install it.

    Nice write up dennis112, I'm hoping to find a way to install them w/o welding though.
  6. This might be a completely stupi question, but with the 4 point why cant you just fasten the 2 lap harnesses to the original spots, and the 2 shoulder straps to the floor behind the seat? Is there no way to fasten the 2 shoulder belts to the floor strong enough for it to be useful?
  7. the prob with them being fasened to the floor is that in the event of an accedent it would compress your spine and could cause even worse damage to your self.
  8. hmmm...thats good to know