3000 Posts, I Must Like You Guys...

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  1. Must've meant the white porsche, it's the only one headed in the right direction :shrug:
  2. Is that Vin Diesel driving?
  3. its the Stig
  4. it's because I sometimes go months without posting. Then for some reason, I'm all over the forums again, responding to almost every thread in 5.0. The only reason I'm a mod is because during one of my really active period, all of the other mods were not, and I offered the sites owner to do it. If they'd be willing to give my mod status to you, I think the site would be better off, frankly. You're a really reasonable guy who puts a ton of effort forward. But, it's nice to have a little control over the guys that step over the line sometimes, and I think I'm fair and do not abuse the privilege.
  5. Nik for prez!

  6. Meh, start your own thread Mod Dude :jester:
  7. I only race on the track now and I've never challenged anyone to a race but my brother.
  8. looks like the mustang is marking its spot
  9. Damn sure does, with some Authority!!! :lol:
  10. Ha, a couple years ago I probably would have jumped on the opportunity to be a mod, but these days I'm busy with work and I think I'm glad to have no responsibility to monitor this place. I mean, it would be fun, but I'm not sure that I'd always have the time to give it the attention it needs. Ya'll are getting along fine without me. ;)

  11. Meh... We keep you around because you're ornery and not kanadian. :D
  12. Noobz, aha! Sorry for hijacking, other mod dude :)
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  13. too much clout in this thread :leaving
  14. Isn't there a safety rule about all of the mods posting in one thread? What would have happened in the event the thread exploded? Think of the vacuum in authority and secession next time gents. You need to have one mod in a secure place at ALL TIMES.
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  15. We keep @MRaburn locked in a closet ever since we stopped paying for the window washer and @timeless2 pretty much stays in his hardened bunker lest he get some forum on his white shirt. :)
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  16. Wait, Tim still works here?
  17. That's right....

    ...and he's watching you like a hawk. :ninja:

  18. I was in the same boat. I was a mod here for what? 3-4 years or so?? I can't remember.

    Then work started taking off and I couldn't really browse much. It got to the point where the only times I could check in was when i got something reported to me. It was a little tricky logging into SN between meetings to break up a silly arguement and lock a thread.

    As you can see by my 20K posts..i'm still around, but it is nice in a way to not have the responsibility as I can go away for a weekend and not check in for 4 days and not feel wrong about it now.

    Plus my Fox has moved what? 1100 miles in 9 years?? What the hell do i know about Mustangs :)

  19. Absolutely nothing! :fuss:

    That's why I periodically send you questions about suspension and brake/lug upgrades. :p
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