306 331 or 347 ??????

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by tvmango, Dec 4, 2003.

  1. this is a redue, no one looked at my last post
    In my signature is what I've picked up over the last two years, I want to put it together this winter, I am out of money! What would you recommend with a 98,000 mile block? That is running strong.
    Just freshen it up with new pistons/rings bearings? (cheapest)
    Or do a 306 /331/347 combo?
    also need a cam choice....(not custom) too much$$$
    This car is not going to be a race car so I want it to run strong and long,
    I read how to do a 347 block, do you have to grind away the bottoms of the piston skirts with a 331?
  2. With some 331s, you will have to notch for clearance. I beams would probably clear and h would need the notching done.

    If you are seriously low on funds, id do a compression test and see what you get. If all is good, you might consider just staying with what you have. Obviously the better choice would be to rebuild, but cant always have what you want.

    What is your budget on the shortblock?
  3. I'm prob just going to hone it and throw in some 302 low comp pistons and rings, little better than stock rods and bearings, a summit rebuild kit is under 300$ and includes gaskets, i still have to get a cam so I got to keep funds very low, and you know I'm going to need more crap once I get into this, things forgoten etc.
  4. Add up everything you think you need. Double it and it will be slightly more than that.

    If compression and everything checks out, run it like it is.

    Lots of guys say the motor is still tight and working good at over 150k miles.

    Then you can save the money and get the 331.
  5. I really think you guys are right after thinking about it, If my compression is good, I'll just run it, Whats a good comp spec for stock 302's? (thanks for the input!!)
  6. anyone know the compression specs on a stock 5.0??