Fox 306 Cylinder Head Rebuild

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  1. That seems like a more reasonable number. For flywheel HP anyway. I'm sure it's a great car. Even if it isn't, it won't cost much to make it one! Love the fox.

    Btw now that you have a Ford you can't use the word "posi". It's TracLoc baby!

    No clue what it will run. High 13's?
  2. Sorry 5 psi fuel line with Spectra sending unit and Valvoline VR1 20W-50.

  3. Ya I'll check that out Kurt. I think my neighbor has a compression gauge I could use.
  4. yep, I agree 100% Kurt, but the OP said valve seal, not guide. Hence the WTF post I made.
  5. Oh I know and agree. Just possible he used the wrong terminology though.

  6. Turned out to be a stuck ring. A little mystery oil and problem solved. Gave it a hard run last weekend drives amazing. Also checked it again with a compression gauge all set. Thanks for the input guys.

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  7. Glad you found your problem. Thinking about the N71 for my new combo. How high are you having to rev that motor with the N71?

  8. It's rated for RPM range 2700-6700. But it's seems to extend to 7200-7500 RPM just fine.