347 Vs 331

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  1. My current engine setup in a '90 Mustang LX Hatchback is a stock blocked 331 cu in stroker motor. The upper and lower intake is a Holley Systemax paired with AFR 185cc heads, an AFM b-41 cam, and a Paxton Novi 2000 that puts out 10 psi. The car is a great street car that made 528 rwhp @ 5800 rpm. I would like to build a 347 stroker engine starting with a DART sportsman block. I am unsure of the rotating assembly I should go with. Also, what are my power potentials with the current H/C/I setup? My goals of 650-700 rwhp are going to require higher flowing heads, but what about the intake and camshaft? Ultimately I will be satisfied with a street car that offers more low and midrange power.
  2. Rick 91GT should be able to help you out with the specifics of your build. If you click on the link to the left there, you can send him a PM.
  3. The beauty of using the Dart block is you can get 347cid while using the 331 stroke crank. Just open up the bore to 4.125 and you have the benefit of the 331 crank/rod angle with the displacement of the 347, plus the larger bore un-shrouds the intake and exhaust valves a bunch and improves cylinder head flow.