351w Is Coming Out 2.3 Is Going In!!!

Discussion in '2.3L (N/A & Turbo) Tech' started by 351wcoupe, Jul 12, 2005.

  1. I'm just getting tired of my race car running slower than my street/daily driver car.

    After tonight I've given up on the windsor and I'm going with what works. I'll be leaving everything else alone including the transbrake C4(for now) and swapping to the 2.3 one day early next week.

    Anybody have any reasons I shouldn't?
    For example:

    2.3 turbo plus [email protected] :spot:
    351 built plus [email protected] -------------- :spot:
  2. You crazy bastard...

    Can I have the 351? :D
  3. OH EM GEE.

    You're fiance is bored.
  4. nah... make a twin turbo 351 setup :D
  5. About damn time...
  6. I'm probably going to be more upset when I pull that windsor out and put about $400 into a 2.3 and it walks the dog on what I have now.

    I've been all over the 351TT but I need to go EFI first and the money is definately not there for that.

    I'm going to try the C4 for a while too. Maybe the 2.3 will be consistant (it would be the first)
  7. Just do a blow through on the 351.

    Pick up a cheap Vortech S trim kit and throw it on.
    It should have no problems making 500 rwhp.
  8. Thats another $1000 plsu. Seems like every $1k I put in I either pickup or drop a .1 I should be at least 450hp at the flywheel and it weighs the same as the green car. Its never fun to mess with and usually results in a several day visit to the hospital.

    Since January 1st I've put a "bunch" into this car with the intentions of it being the "top dog" of everything I've had so far with it not running up to speed its just been stress. The junk yard engine in the green car was always the "underdog", never supposed to be fast. When it was, it made it that much more fun. Plus all of my tools are based around EFI stuff, Lab scope, 5 gas analyzer, etc.
  9. Stinger......mailbox
  10. I'll take it[351]. My god Single Turbo 351
  11. Megasquirt :D I'll have my entire setup running for under $250.
    Either way, I think you should find a couple T3s to hang off the 351W. With that beefy 351W, you would be able to throw quite a bit of boost at it without cracking the block in half like a 302. Seriously, imagine what you could do with boost on an engine 2.5 times the size of a 2.3.
  12. i am not bored i am helping him get things ready for the pinto :D
  13. She's alive. EDIT: Thought maybe after dropping $$$ on that ring he got fed up and stuck you in the trunk. :p
  14. Is that the black car from WFC?

  15. Bhuff yeah I figured about $300 but there we are again and I'm not spending anymore money. I can swap to a reasonably stout 2.3 for nothing.

    yeah she's alive. She's just been living at the garage with me.

    Brain: Yep the WFC car.(should've taken the green car)
  16. guess you'll have to change your name... no more 351wcoupe
    You'll have to go by 140limacoupe
  17. doesnt quite have the same ring too it...
  18. you're doing what :eek: ?!?!?!?!

    ive got nothin against the 2.3 or boost. but a windsor V8 for a 4 :scratch:
  19. yeah hell I had nearly $200 in my 2.3 and it ran faster. Not to mention I drive it every single day(hard) when driven easy I get 30mpg.

    I garuantee I can set another junkyard 2.3 into this car and run 2 tenths quicker with less nitrous. I seem to have a serious curse against me for any 351, having blown up 3 rears in my lightning and its been sitting over a year.