351wcoupe Track Pics

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  1. From a couple weeks ago, but I just thought I'd share them. Quality kinda sucks, but they are cool looking pictures. :nice:
  2. more
    PS anyone know how to show the attached image in a post?
  3. Bull Crap!! thats a lie. thats not a 351wcoupe. :p
  4. [​IMG]

    thats it I'm cutting my hair. :rolleyes: .....

  5. I'm anxious to see the pics that kiddiccarus and amanda's mom took. I was even more tired, even dirtier than usual, and my hair was sticking up further.:rlaugh:
  6. the one is supposed to be you doing your waterbox burnout, but you probably can't see it too well. I think that chevy truck in the second pic had to have nitrous. :shrug:
  7. There were 2 problems when I ran the truck. I completely forgot about the light and just watched him in "Aww". 2nd. He was faster than me anyway.:p


    This one was about the last time my rear functioned properly.
  8. its also nice to see the pic of the exhaust and more importantly....its not smoke rolling out of it.
  9. I think the slapper bars look cool under it - if that was what I'm seeing.
  10. yep its a slapper bar rear but they don't do anything.
  11. :D it's just a 4 cylinder :nice:
  12. You have a wheel hop problem?
  13. nope no wheelhop nor does it spin, but I set them up way lower than the control arm. That way i could make an adjustable bracket. Right now I've been running it without a bracket and at rest they sit about 2.5" away from the control arm.:nonono:
  14. [​IMG]

    Is that Elvis?
  15. you dumb ass :rlaugh: that would be my MAN :D
  16. yeah look....he's leaving the building.
  17. Nice Pice I have one on the desktop at home that has some smoke comming from those tires. I will post some tomorrow before work.
  18. cool thats the one I've been waiting for...
    so its sort of obvious not much about me changes from week to week. Only the car.