3V Spark plug change hell

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  1. The way I'm going, I'll be at 100K miles in another two years:eek: So I will probably just wait unless there is a problem that arises before that mark.
  2. It appears the 5.4L 3V and 4.6L 3V can use the same spark plugs. So if someone develops a 1-piece Platinum/Iridium spark plug for the 5.4L 3V V8, and assuming it is the proper heat-range, it would be compatible with the 4.6L 3V V8.

    I would ONLY consider a 1-piece plug if it meets the following criteria:
    1). OEM-spec materials and quality
    2). Platinum and/or iridium electrode materials

    Copper plugs do not last long and I have no intention of swapping plugs every 1-2 years. I used to run AWSFA-12C's in my 4.6L 2V and I couldn't get more than 15k miles without the center electrode wearing down so much that the gap increased. I pulled the OEM-factory AGSF-22WM iridium plugs out of the 5.4L 2V with 22k miles and they looked brand new.
  3. Is there a fuel additive available that could be used in a maintance capacity to keep the stock plugs clean so they are efficient for a longer period of time.
  4. Plug

    I just read on an F150 sight that Champion is introducing a platinum one piece design plug for the 5.4 engines. Supposedly they will begin showing up in the parts stores very soon. I wonder if the 5.4 uses the same heat range plugs as our GTs. Anybody know? I thought the heads were pretty much the same.
    Somebody on that sight is convinced Motorcraft will be bringing out a 1 piece plug too.
    Right now Ford is trying to ignore the 800 lb. gorilla in the living room, but they'll have to face it sooner or later.
  5. I just changed the plugs when I installed the turbo (the car has 25,000 miles). I changed the first two no problem. The third one sheared off where the plug bevels. I was about to panic, but it didn't break the insulator. I sprayed penetrating gel (Prizm brand) in the hole and moved on to the next plug. It was stuck too, so I sprayed the rest of the plugs with the lube. Waited a while...tried again and all the plugs came out effortlessly. Then I used a 1/4" ease-out to remove the broken plug. After coating the bevel with antiseize I installed the HTO's. Next time I will spray them before I attempt to remove them!!! :nice:
  6. Plugs

    I'll probably be buying a set of these in a year or 2. I'll bet there will be quite a few one piece designs (including Motorcraft) by then. :nice:
  7. I'm with GOLDENPONY. I'm not about to rush out and waste $80 on new plugs that I don't need right now.
  8. New Champion Plug

    I see where Champion has introduced a new one piece design plug for the 3V engine (#7989). It is double platinum and being a one piece design should drastically reduce or eliminate breakage problems. The ad I saw had a price of $16.23 ea, but I'll bet they will come down. The dealer charged me $19.13 ea. for OE (POS) two piece crimped Motorcrafts.
  9. Glad to hear that things worked out ok for you.
    Was your car modded with a CAI and tune when it was N/A?
    If yes, what was the tune's octane rating?

  10. The 3v 5.4 and 4.6 use the same size plugs however; the stock Mustang GT plug is one heat range colder than the stock F150 plug. I have seen the Saleen S/C kit for the truck coming with basic Mustang GT plugs. So the plugs that Champion is offering for the truck would not be a good Mustang FI plug.
  11. I thought the trucks would have a colder plug? That has almost always been the case with the 5.4L 2V vs the 4.6L 2V. For example, my 03 5.4L 2V uses AGSF-22WM from the factory, while my 00 4.6L 2V used AWSF-32PP. These are the previous Motorcraft numbers that made sense.
  12. When I bought the car it had (20,000 miles) a Mac air filter and heat sheild that didn't require a re-tune. I had the car tuned and used an SCT programmer set on the 93 octane rating for about 5,000 miles before going FI.
  13. Spark Plug hell-Post Script

    Well fellow Mustangers, I have some positive news concerning this whole ugly experience. To bring you all up to speed, I had contacted Ford when I was charged $611.13 to remove 6 broken spark plugs and install a new set. I had broken 1 and had the car taken to the dealer where 5 more were broken off by their tech. I also wrote the President of the dealership (Beechmont Ford in Cincinnati, Ohio).

    I was back to the dealership today for the recent recall for the passenger air bag. While I was waiting, the head service manager came to me and presented me with a check for the full amount of the repair. As I understand it, Ford had authorized the refund. From what the service manager told me, Ford knows they have a serious problem here. I am happy to report my faith is restored, both in my dealer, and The Ford Motor Company. My Mustang and it's owner are happy again. :nice:
  14. Awesome so when is the recall coming up?
  15. That's great news, I'm glad they took care of you :nice:
  16. Recall?

    Haven't heard anything about a recall yet, but I wouldn't be surprised. Keep your ear to the ground.
  17. Well, the car is funtioning as planned, so no recall as such; it isn't something that NHTSA would pull the car soff the road for.

    What's between a TSB & a recall? Customer satisfaction something-something? Depends, but sometimes they are sent to the customer to bring the car in; other times it is just addressed at the time of the repair.