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    MMR Street Mod 600 4.6 Forged Rotating assembly ( 96-2010 2v or 3V )
    This is everything you need except a block to assemble a complete forged shortblock, this kit has the parts as the MMR Street Mod 600 shortblock but in a do it yourself kit. Available in all piston oversizes for 1996-2009 2V or 3V


    600 HP Ford Racing Cast Iron Crankshaft (6 bolt)

    MMR 4340 Forged I-beam Rods

    Manley Forged Pistons with tool steel Pins -18cc (makes 9.5 to 1 on 99-04 2V & 8.6 to 1 on 2005-2010 3V)

    Total Seal Rings

    Clevite Performance Rod and Main bearings

    1 year Warranty

    View attachment 119756
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