429, good or bad idea??

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  1. Im looking in the classifieds and spied a 429 for sale for a not too bad of price. Question is, will this engine be a good fit for my 88 5.0. I mean will it really actually fit, and also, do I have to redo the front end suspension. Whats the HP range for this engine?
  2. Ya they fit fine


    Ya need to consider all the other things that need attention. HP range, 320 to 1500+

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  3. wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwww, thats pretty. Is that your car? Can i convert it to FI?
  4. No its not mine, as far as efi is concerned, theres nothing out there for that.
  5. Personally i think a bad idea only because the 460 is a better engine with same dimensions. Basically a 460 will make 70-100 more ponies then the 429 when equipped the same way.
  6. Talk to Byron http://www.racesystems.com/ and see how car he's come with the EFI BB setup..

    You need to find out what year the 429 is, that will tell you if it's worth it or not..
  7. Fender wells have to be cut to pieces to fit.......... no j/k

    Its a very doable/streetable swap with great potential.
  8. Definately not true. From what I've seen when a 429 and 460 are built similarly, the 429 will make slightly more horsepower and the 460 will make slightly more torque. Personally, I've built a couple of both. And the 429's have been markedly faster. The 429's short stroke makes for a motor that revs much quicker.
  9. Ummm no. 429/460 is kind of like a 289 and a 302. Parts interchangeability is similar and what not. The 460 has a 3.85 inch stroke and the 429 has about three tenths less (cant remember) so theoretically you can spin a 429 a bit more than a 460. Its all in what your looking to do I guess. 460s are alot torqueier aswell. EDIT: It is a bad idea unless you plan on putting your foot to the floor and going straight, other wise I wouldnt do it. A built windsor would do more for you. Stock 460 (early 460's) made about 380 horse and a ton of torque, but the newer 460's (around 80+) only made about 205 - 240 or so. Lots of torque tho. Not totally sure on 429 hp numbers, but how are these numbers relevant?

  10. 429 = 4.36 bore x 3.59 stroke
    460 = 4.36 bore x 3.85 stroke

    1970 stats:
    429 = 360 HP
    460 = 370 HP

    I'd build a 429 for a light car. And a 460 for a heavier car or truck.
  11. It depends on what kind of money you want to spend. Just getting a stock engine to thow in it for cheap isn't goin to be a good deal. You are going to need more than an engine. You have to think about what you intend the car to be for then decide how much you are willing to spend on it, otherwise it could become one of those neverending projects.
  12. Why bother. The extra money its gonna cost you to build a BB Ford (BB Ford's are one of the most expensive motors to build for H.O.) could easily used to put a super charger on your mild to stock 302 and will be just as if not FASTER then the BB and will handle better because it will "still" be lighter then having that huge BB between the fenders!!:shrug:
  13. Not too mention its a 1000X easier to install a SC then it is to shoe horn a 460 into a fox body!!
  14. Actually, if you're building a BBF from all new parts, it's probably the cheapest big block out there. BB Ford's can be found in every junkyard for near nothing. Good luck even trying to find a used BB Chevy in a junkyard. And if you do, it's gonna cost ya. From there, pretty much all the performance parts are similar in price between the two.
  15. ever priced parts for a 500ci cadillac?
  16. It all depends on how much HP you want. 500HP with a small block and you'll spend alot of $$ to get a better block.. the BB will handle 800, upgrade the main caps and you're looking at 1000+

    In the end, you need to decide what you want..and how much you want to spend.. remember you'll need a tranny too..

    And BBF's arent that expensive, really.. you can get 700HP with a set of ported iron DOVE heads and a stock block.
  17. :lol: :lol: :lol:

    Yeah but theres not too many aftermarket go fast goodies for the 500 ci Cadzilla motor.Not that youd need to much more. But Im SURE that would be a first in a Fox body!!Can you say Fabrication!!:D
  18. Kind of a double oxy moron there eh! :D
  19. i can tell most of you bashing bb motors have never owned one or built one, there very cheap, and can stand up to LOTS of punishment. Oh and my swap costed me about $6500 for everything, i do have connections at ford racing too.

    If your building this for a DD, then forget it. If its a weekend car like mine, then go for it, im glad that SmockDoiley and a few others on here helped cheer me on when i brought this up in 2004.

    I own one of the most unique foxes in Ohio now.

    Heres what you can do if your creative:

    I went from this (have a special plan for the 5.0 in another car):

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    To This:

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