5.4 3v update headers and elbow

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by billfisher, Oct 30, 2005.

  1. last problems are being solved.

    4.6 3v iron manifold will not fit. angle is in the middle of steering shaft.
    also brushes firewall. purchased 4.6 3v FRPP SS shortie headers from summit. i will cut collectors off and shorten the tubes also angle the collector to point down along block. kind of like block huggers. also the brake balance valve is moved to another location. passenger side header will be adjusted to fit. might as well use it. FRPP 2v shortie will fit better, but making flanges is tiresome. i guess i am getting lazy.

    last detail. i am making a 1/4" thick adapter plate to adapt the 4.6 2v elbow to this manifold. of course i will put the best available elbow later. but for now i need to get this crate running. the plate is cut to the size of the elbow and will screw into the manifold. the idea is to keep it under the hood at all costs. the cobras head 90* elbow didn't fit. 75mm TB and C&L elbow will work well enough. roush is selling blower kits for $1800.00. i have built sleepers for my entire car building years. this one is no different. also i think ford is tempted to put 6.2l 3v into 2007. i expect lower mainfold and etc.

    almost done. i will post pics and dimensions for the adapter, mounted elbow, and headers before i install them.