1. :rolleyes:
  2. Filled up this morning at $3 a gallon. My son just got back from the same station and it was down to $2.80.... Light at the end of the tunnel or are they just teasing us???
  3. Sorry, I guess I should whine and complain about the price and come up with fantasy remedies like everyone else
  4. It's around $3 something here (depends on the station), but it hasn't affected me much. I thought $3.40/gallon would be horrible, but truly it isn't bad.
  5. :stick: :doh: Hey.....I like fantasies... :scratch: :drool: :shrug:

  6. Klay,

    In all fairness you are correct. I forgot myself in the heat of the moment and made a uneducated comment. I do not know if we are any safer, I do not have the facts. I was reacting to gut feeling. I should not comment unless I have facts. I can say that I do not FEEL safer right now.

    BTW - I do not watch the news. I read, and a lot. I do not feel the news delivers credible news, but spun stories most the time, over and over and over and over. My initial comments there were a reflection of breaking my rule and watching the news. :rolleyes:

    Thanks for bringing this to my attention. :cheers:

  7. People are just talking dude. The last time I checked, it's a pretty normal process when something arises that adversely affects large sections of society. Hey, you can do what ever you want. Your way of dealing with it is to pretend it ain't there that's your thing. But calling others pansies because they're ranting about it on a message board. :nonono:
  8. From the RedCross.org:
    WTH??? :shrug:

    Fox News: Shepard and Geraldo in his words, abandon the spin and tell it like it is:
    I don't know anything about crooksandliars.com. I heard about the video and searched it.

    The big disconnect on New Orleans
  9. Dammit! That's a good point... If all of those guys start driving, kiss oil goodbye :owned:
  10. So, people can talk as long as it conforms to the majority opinion? Can't I have my opinion?
    Oh, and I'm not the one pretending. I recognize the higher prices and realize that I, nor the US government, have any affect on the pricing. The people pretending are those who think there is some magic bullet fix out there. If you can't afford the gas for your Mustang buy something more economical. If you still can't afford it use mass transit.
  11. funny, I thought i said you could do whatever you want. I don't care what you think. I was just giving my 2cents of what you think. That's it. Nothing more.
  12. The bike is fine, but lets leave the spandex pants out of it....I don't want to lose my lunch. :D
  13. Um.......uh........well............OK :shrug: You don't care, but you post your opinion on my opinion? OK, rock on.
  14. Time and Time again I am amazed that men say women are "catty"... hahahhahahahhaha... WOOT, where is the mud and the beer. I want to see Beserker and gp001 get naked and mud wrestle over this. :nice: :cheers:

  15. Yup, that's it. Nothing fancy. Said my 2c and don't care past that. Not looking for a big drawn out thing over it. We all have mustangs in common so it's all good.
  16. OMG... I just invisioned that great taste less filling miller commerical, only with guys :( I need to go get a lombotomy now... thanks... :nonono: I'll never be the same. Don't say these kinds of things :nono:
  17. Hahahahahahaaha... :rlaugh: LOL...... :lol: Well then, my mission is complete... :nice:

    I have to find something to make you two bond for a moment...so I figured a lively naked mud wrestling match would work well. :D

  18. But I'm a hot blonde female stripper; It wouldn't be fair to have me wrestle a guy:p
  19. Somehow I think that would interest Beserker. :nice: Hell, I'd watch that. Where is the beer? :cheers: :jaw: ;)
  20. eh no problem, I also dislike watching the news as well but this tragedy is on all the channels so its not to see it. I just hope that if this ever happens again they are more prepared.