66 Mustang Data Decoding

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  1. I am finally down to the last of the metal work on the 66 project. I need some confirmation of my information.
    I am missing the door data plate. But I actually have the core support tag with the matching vin number. Matches both fender aprons and the title.
    I have the tag off the original rear end.
    So I think I have everything I need to get a new data plate made but could use a sanity check. I have not found a layout of the core support tag on the internet yet so here it is:
    % 641
    26 G5 6T09A277***
    63A T 26
    4 SPEED

    Rear end tag:
    (Really hard to read...)
    3 : 00 6FD 931

    Yea, holding it at an angle I can make out all the characters...so that's all correct.

    Found a rear end tag decoder:
    Comet '65 SW
    Cougar '67-68
    Falcon '64
    Mustang '65-71 3.00 8 in NL 28 spline

    So I can't figure out the DSO number. I think that's the only one.

    My new data plate would read:

    63A T 26 5G ?? 1 5

    Is there a way to figure out the DSO?
    I can't find what the 641 represents on the core support tag...

  2. DSO will be hard to find with out the door tag or original paper work
  3. As pointed out above, the DSO code is always the hardest to figure out. If you can't find original paperwork or trace the registration history, you may only be able to estimate it. Being a coupe (okay I'm blind it's a 63) from Metuchen, you can probably assume it was from the eastern end of the country. There are not a lot of '66 cars in the database. Here are the closest ones: 6T07C276380 05G and 96; 6T07T277417 11G and 25; 6T08C277892 08F and 21; then 6T08C278133 14G and 75. Being from Hagerstown, the 25 from Richmond may be a good one for you to use if you can't find any supporting documentation.
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  4. Not sure if it makes any difference but its a 63A standard fastback.
    I actually have a picture of the door tag but is so blurry I cant make out the DSO. Yea I know, how can I have a picture and no tag...my stepsons loaded up all the scrap metal 2-3 years ago when I had to move everything-lost my free storage, and I think the door went with the tag still attached...it was damaged beyond repair. I swear I took it off but its not with the other tags . I have emptied my storage bins three times. Cant find it. Its possible its here somewhere. Everything has been relocated twice so...
    As I was prepping the bottom this weekend for red oxide I saw that there are a couple places where there are codes in the frame rails. Is there any chance some of these could yield a date close enough to use on my data plate?
    Taken over 4 years ago with a first gen digital camera-the one you could put a floppy disc in...
    I have tried everything to process the image but nothing seems to work, The source is just too poor.
  5. Oh, the last place the car sat before I bought it was Greencastle, PA which is about 20 min drive from Hagerstown...
  6. If you can make that pic full size one of us may be able to make it out.
  7. Yea, I've tried everything. The camera was really old. The source picture is just too small to manipulate. It is full size. I've tried a bunch of free online photo rendering/publishing software programs. Emailed it to a couple professional imaging companies and they say there is nothing they can do...I am very open to suggestions...
  8. I tried to enlarge it but it pixels out ,un readable .:(
  9. Ditto.
  10. i tried to get my computer to say it to me but no luck.
  11. the last digit spears to be maybe a 2 or 3? sorry just can't make it out