66 Mustang Warning Ticket From DMV..rear quarters rotted

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  1. I live in Connecticut and this is my first classic mustang. Only a V6 flawless condition , 34.000 ORG miles. When i went to the DMV VIN inspection, they wrote me a warning ticket for Rotted Rear quaters. I do not know too much about cars, but i love mustangs. I already tried fighting with DMV, as only going to drive maybe twice a year. Does anyone know exactly where they mean? And how much money it would be involved? I called a couple of Body shops, some do not do it/ Would i need a metal fabricator?

    Any help. Here is the car. I only have 20 days to comply, and do not have hardly any money. I would imagine they would sand blast, and replace as needed. However I want it done right, and hope its under -500.00

    Here are some pics.

    Any advise where I can bring it I only have 20 days. Its not like the did a full inspection, they guy made a visual attempt and say what he say. I am just afraid i will get the rear done, and then they do a full inspections, and say i need this, and that.....big headache.

    Pictures can be found at this URL:
  2. The few pics that you have show a very nice car. I've seen much worse on the road. Is the warning in writing? If so, take the documentation with you to a body shop to verify. The quarters might be sculptured entirely from bondo and the DMV is giving you a 'heads up' :shrug: What exactly does the warning mean? No registration?
  3. What did he actually look at ? Do you have pics underneath ? I don't see "rot" so I am trying to figure out what he is referring to. The outside looks fine from the pics. Nice color. Could the rear framerails be rotted ? Did you look inside the trunk area ? You can always ask the guy who did the inspection what he was referring to. He's bound to remember your car.
  4. I will have to get some pics from under the vehicle....but the exterior paint is flawless..and car is in almost showroom condition. He really did not explain it to me...i have a warning ticket that states i have 20 days ti comply or my reg will be suspended and fined 50.00.

    However i do not have 1000-2000 to get it fixed, which i am sure it would be around their.

    I am guessing he meant under near the wheel-wells maybe? i will take a look tonight when i go home try to get some photos for all...

    The car is currently registered with antique plates, but i have a written slip i have to take care off...not sure if i can swing the money involved...i am only 25 and do not have all the money in the world.

    The slip states, "Rotted Rear Quarters", a one liner....

    The warning is for defective or other things they see on the vehicle. I initially brought it for my VIN inspection...and he wrote me that warning ticket.........

    I just dont want them to touch the exterior paint...i am hoping its just something underneath they can fix...
  5. If you got a ticket for rotted rear quarters with the car you showed in the pictures there is 1 of 2 possibilies.

    1. The guy at the DMV is an absolute idiot and you will need to take it back and say "look...not rotted (to someone else)"...will also help if you have a shop's stating that in writting (which you will no doubt have to pay for)

    2. During the inspection process he discovered that your car is more bondo that steel and is a signifncant danger to both you and other drivers on the road. You can quickly validate this by taking a magnet and putting in several locations on the quarters...if it sticks....they are good, if it falls off....then you have to investigate more closely.

    Open the trunk knock on the inside of the panel, does it sound like metal? Does the outside knock like metal? can the magnet stick to inside even if it falls off the outside?

    Then you take it to the shop and ask nicely how much to fix. If they are rotted, the paint won't be salvagable.
  6. ohhh i how i remember going to look for classic cars...and bringing a magnet with me all the time to the surprise of the sellers...
    Your car looks amazing...I dont see anything cosmetically wrong with it. Like posted above, check for bondo and under the car for excessive rust/rusted out parts that could fall off the car.
  7. I just actually spoke to the sergant and the inspector. and he stated i have some rotten within the inner rear quarter..right behine the wheel in the rear. Their are some visible small holes present. They stated i would need to fiberglass it or tar it, and they would cover it. So i would imagine it should not be too too much. However i have to find a licensed garage who can do it.
  8. That should be cheap and they could do it in an afternoon. They are saving you from carbon monoxide poisoning.
  9. A V6?!? not original. I6, yes. I assume you just mean it's a 6 cylinder. Anyways, if you have rot in the wheel well and the drop down in the trunk, you probably have rot in the quarter as well. Fiberglass or tar is just a temporary solution and isn't going to stop the degredation, you might be able to slow it, but most temp fixes just accelerate it.

    However, to get you by you might use some asphalt based caulk to 'patch' it. It would look like undercoating, the asphalt base would somewhat 'repel' water and it's probably easiest to remove.

    If you're only going to drive it a few times a year and not in bad weather, and you're storing it indoors in a semi-temperature controlled area, you might eek it out several years, but if you're going to drive it semi regularly, you'll likely start seeing rust bubbles within the next year or so coming up under your pretty paint.
  10. yeah it should be cheap...and i am glad they cleared it up...he said it carbon monoxide poisoning.. i am relieved...

    Well i will have pics tonight...but the rot is actually not in wheel well but mostly on the inner rear quarter towards the bottom..not sure if that still counts as wheel well or not.
  11. It sounds like you are talking about the seam between the wheelwell and the trunk floor. Common spot for that. As Larry said, asphalt based caulking with some rust converter underneath should get you by for several years of fairweather driving. I went through my whole trunk closing up old exhaust hanger bolt holes and air shock line routing holes, plus all the seams around the wheelwells, bumper brackets, gas tank, and tail lights to ensure the carbon monoxide stayed out. It likes to gather up under the valance and creep in where ever it can.
  12. wow, they really make you guys do that **** before you can get the car inspected? here in texas your quarter panel could be completely rotted off and wouldn't make a damn bit of difference. THAT SUCKS!!!!!!!
  13. same here, you can register anything, sight unseen.
  14. Thats a classic example of how much you should enjoy TX. I hate CT, i really do....
  15. Here in Oklahoma, you register without them looking at the vehicle and there are no inspections, they dropped them in 2001. You do have to have insurance however before registering.
  16. Texas does have inspection, just not for rust. Tennessee has nothing, pay your money and go. Some counties do check emissions, but not on classics.
  17. In Arkansas, we've never had emmissions checks and they stopped doing annual vehicle inspections in 1998. --It just gives the city, county and state police reason to set up road blocks to do random checks, however, I've never been in road block since annual inspections were stopped to be spot checked.
  18. yeah as long as the all the lights, wipers and brakes work and your tires are in good shape basically that's it unless you live in one of the emissions testing counties. there is actually a little more to it but that's the gist of it.
  19. Which DMV did you go to? My experiences at Old Saybrook DMV are pretty good. Heck 3 years ago, when I registered my 73, it had no blinkers or brake lights and I made it through the VIN check (which is all they did - checked the VIN).
  20. a dmv like that really pisses me off. hell my falcon has drain holes all over from the factory including quarter drains. go take a ride over to minniapolis once, with all the chemicals they put on the road in the winter it takes only 2 years to rot out new car.