68 302 J code, (not a GT)

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  1. I own a 68 Mustang Coupe 302 J code, (not a GT), with a tree growing thru it. I was told the motor is original but I wanted to be sure. I did some research and now I'm not sure. Here's what I have for vins and codes

    68 Mustang Coupe J Code VIN 8F01J120xxx (last three numbers replaced with xxx)

    Engine Block:
    Casting# C8OE - 6015 - A (told it was for a Fairlane?)
    This code is right next to it: 8K31 (I'm told it may mean cast on Oct 31st, 1968)
    Serial number on block 9R129640 (behind the intake manifold by the top if the bell housing)

    Intake Manifold:
    Casting # C8ZE 9425-A
    Code next to it: 7L27

    I'm thinking that the motor was swapped and they re-used the intake manifold, but I've also heard of some strange actions that Ford took and by no means am I qualified to figure it out. The car is beyond repair, but I was thinking it would be a good donor for a Dynacorn 67 Mustang re-creation. If the motor is in fact a J code, I'd use it in the new body, if not.....I will go with newer running gear............. 5.0 Fuel Injection.

    thanks for your help.
  2. you want to look at the head

    they should have 4V on them. If they do you could take the motor out and sell it to someone looking for an original Shelby GT350 motor. that's what I did to mine. The 4V heads are high compression heads, they don't run well with todays gas.
  3. Heads?

    Ok, I'll check the heads. Where will they say 4V? What are they worth in operational (but I would rebuild) condition?

    Also, from what I'm reading about block codes, my block was MFG 10-31-68. My guess is that it's not original to my 68 j code coupe. The Ford 4bbl intake seems to be original with a 11-27-67 mfg date.

    If the engine was changed, I'm hoping it was just a short block and they kept the J code heads.......
  4. There wasn't anything performancewise special about the "J" code 302. The intake and heads are later incarnations of the std 289 4 bbl parts, with new casting numbers. The parts themselves are the same. If you're thinking that you'll have something hotter than other 302 parts for a buildup, you're mistaken. You can bolt on a 289 4 bbl intake and C6OE heads and achieve the same results. The "J" code parts would be worth more to someone who's restoring a "J" code car for nothing other than the correct numbers. Before you scrap the car, there are other parts in it that are likely salvageable and worth the effort to retreve them.
  5. that's not true

    the "j-code" cars came with a 4V head which had higher compression. I had one. If you take off the valve covers it should say 4V & 302 like this.

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  6. Thank you for the info. I'll check them tonight.

    Can you tell me anything about the block based on the casting numbers I provided in the original post?

  7. Just because it had a Fairlane casting code does not necessarily mean that it came from a Fairlane. They put them in all of the cars.
  8. Ditto, the "O" in the casting number prefix only tells you that the part was designed under the Midsize car line and the costs were assigned to that line. The part could have and in many cases was used in any other Ford, Merc, or Lincoln vehicle that used the same part. 8K31 would mean the block was cast in Oct. 68, but for a 69 model year vehicle.