73 or 76mm mass air meter??

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by D's 91 stang gt, Dec 11, 2005.

  1. 2000xp8: I understand where your comming from, but when you get to that point of modification, it's time to do some ECU tuning, not just MAF tuning, right? Big cams (low vacuum) and big heads/intakes (low velosity) goes against everything the stock computer was programmed.
  2. I would go with Pro-M, but to answer ur question get the 76 so u dont limit urself.
  3. 2000xp8 is my combo still considered "mild"??

    iv heard all the crap about C&L meters, idle problems etc...when my motor was pretty much stock it ran great...when i was installing the new motor i was really worried about the meter being a problem with the few extra cubes..but after some tuning with fuel pressure and timing it runs like a beast...no problems with the meter at all, i was really surprised

    although..i am looking for a pro m 80mm for 42lb injectors to switch to...but it has nothing to do with brand name...

    o yea, someone talked about ECU modes..i have no ECU mods..no PMS..no tweecer..and no chip...could i gain some HP with one of those...probably..but its got enough power for me as is and runs good..even on hot starts..so why bother..if i was going to the track and wanted every tenth i could get then yea i can see it..
  4. No computer tuning is necessary on most fox mustangs. My cam has some off the wall numbers, car runs perfect. But in some cases you need a chip to delete things like the rev limiter, and when done you might as well give the tuner your flow sheet to input.

    Demon, at 6.8 liters with victor heads i'd hardly consider you combo mild. I'd also be shopping for something bigger than 80mm for it. It should be bigger than your TB, you are running a 90mm TB, so i'd look for the biggest meter available, which may be a 92mm pro m.
    Unfortunately Anderson ford site doesn't hyper link, so if you goto "www.andersonfordmotorsport.com", click on products, powerpipes 5.0,5.8, and then scroll down, they tell you a little about why they like the 80-92mm meters, and the benefits.

    Some well worked cars do run ok with C&ls, that's why i never say "never".
  5. I dont have any experience with Pro M but I do with granatelli and C&L ....both are very good for bolt on cars or HCI cars ....if you are going to go with a stroker engine then you are going to need a custom tune at which time you should use whatever the tuner is familiar with .....
  6. 2000xp8 - about the size of the meter...yes, i thought the same as you..bigger is better and it should be bigger then the TB..but thats not entirely true...iv done some research and talked to afew people and desided on the 80mm...seems to be the best all around...i think it was Rick91GT who was one of the people who explained to me about meters...

    if i had the time and funds id go with the 90mm lightening meter but you need a tweecer to tune the maf curves etc and it seems like a real pain...not to mention the money for the tweecer and probubly a labtop..then figureing out what im doing :shrug:
  7. Your car may of pegged a lightning meter. They don't seem to do so well in all applications.