Build Thread 84ttop: I Suck At Updating This Thread...

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  1. Well, at least I can say I have the same header bolts as our newest celebrity punk
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  2. Damn nick! You's a cutie ;) lol
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  3. So, I'm guessing you have a whole box of freebie Proform header bolts to give out to your stangnet friends????

    Lol. Car is awesome by the way. Can't wait to see it in action!

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  4. Whole box of bolts, no but I do have their new adjustable shift light, backlit tire pressure gauge and flashlight/timing light!
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  5. I'll be after a set of those here soon. Still diggin that wrap, can't wait to see this thing make a clean pass
  6. I have to have the alignment done on the car and install the new Proform shift light and the car will be 100% ready. As soon as the weather breaks I'll be testing at the track.
  7. @RacEoHolic330 I had so Much wheel envy you leave me no other option than to post up these lol.
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  8. Dude I love those wheels. Every time I see a drag car with a set of those, I can feel my jeans getting tight.
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  9. I am running the same wheels on my race car, but smaller..........15x10 rear and 15x3.5 front. Spendy as hell but super nice for sure.
  10. Thanks! A little pricey for sure but everyone is buying the black weld RTS wheels I have now and I needed something a little different. The rears are 15x12 btw.

    I can say the same about those 18" True Forged wheels you have! Jealous... That's all I have to say about that!
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  11. That's the nice thing about pricey wheels. Not everyone and their brother is going to have the same ones. Heck, my car is only one of two foxes with an IRS and TF wheels.
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  12. Nice wheels Nick. BTW, did I see you on an old episode of Pinks?

  13. Thanks!

    I doubt you saw me, maybe my doppelganger, lol. We were at the Pinks taping at Atco many years ago but never made it on the TV. We had one of my old mustangs at two different Pinks All Out races never made the show there either lol.
  14. Car is in the shop getting aligned today and will be track ready by the end of the day. I'm hoping for a nice day next week so that we can get out to the track and make a few shake down passes and get some good data logs before we really put the nuts to it.
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  15. You've convinced me to buy those proform exhaust bolts.
    I assume that pretty much makes our cars equal now.

  16. Exactly!!!
  17. And they said I'd "be like Mike" if a bought Nike Air Jordans. What a let down when I still couldn't reach the rim! :fuss:
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  18. Niccceeee! Those wheels are going to look great on the car. I never posted pick, but went with some 17 inch Black Pony Rs with a polished lip. I thought it would be something new, but now I'm not sure if I like them on the car. So if you decide yours are too flashy, just let me
  19. Yeah,.... but your jeans getting tight in the seat is nothing to brag about.:nonono:

    When you gonna get your Crohns disease dealt with?:poo:

    Ohhh and I reeaallyy like those wheels too,....
    but,....let me check........No, the only thing stiff on me is my knee.
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  20. Though I realize that it's not what this thread is about, I gotta say that I REALLY like the GT decal on the hood! :nice:

    It's perfect and I like that it draws attention back to 4-eye styling queues. :)

    Do you by chance, still have a set of the Marchal fogs to reinstall?
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