87 lx 2.3 anyone need anything????.....

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  1. I cannot figure out how to post in the for sale section so for fear of "reprisal" I will say I am the proud owner of the above mentioned car that has severe frame rot and most of the front end chassis has been taken from the car and I got it for the 3.73's and the carpet. All the rest of the car is there but with all the frame problems I can justify parting this car out. If any body needs any parts in their restorations , like I stated the car is complete and I may be able to help, you may want to shoot me a pm. The car is blue on blue, the interior is in very nice shape. I live in Canada, but have no problem shipping. I am in the process of a complete restoration of my beloved 85 and could use some financial assistance in doing so. I hope I did not break the rules with this post, I tried to make it like a topic :shrug:
  2. where in Canada?