88 mystery plug needs ident

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by legwound, Nov 4, 2009.

  1. I’m converting my 88 interior and dash to a black from a 91 and have discovered a stray connector, unplugged with no home that is perplexing me.

    8 pin, flat, drivers side, close to the cruise amp.

    white or ivory colored connector, looks like the 8 pin cruise amp connector (but is not the cruise connector)

    Yellow red/ orange black/orange blue/black/black yellow/pink blue/black yellow/grey yello

    I’m guessing this is for an accessory I do not have but am curious/concerned I may have missed connecting something. I have not found this on any diagrams I’ve found on google.

    Can anyone tune me up on what this is for?


    Mike L
  2. is your car a 5 speed or an auto?

    it could be for the clutch pedal
  3. 4-banger fan controller I think

    Pics of plug?
  4. its an 88 5 liter standard non ac car.

    I have added ac component. I suspect this has something to do with the ac.

    I am positive it is not for the cruise

    I went to the scrap yard and found relay attachet to the same connector (4 banger auto in the bone yard)

    PN E7Zb.8C609.AA
  5. Cooling fan controller for a 4-banger.

    Not used on a V8...it's supposed to be empty
  6. just got off the line with a ford parts guy, and you are correct.

    According to the parts guy the relay is for a cooling fan which I assume to be the electric engine/radiator fan for a 4 cylinder. makes sense because this connector was vacant for my 5.0 which of course has the clutch fan.

    This now raises the question, can this relay set up and wiring be used to power/control aftermarket electric cooling fans. My 88 has a flexalite, and my toy is about to get a be cool twin fan rig.

    Sounds like this could be a method of using the factory temp sensor, this relay, and avoid a secondary sensor and relays that come with the aftermarket rigs.

    Also raises the possibility of using this for an oil, tranny or diff cooler fan