89 LX Hatch - 331 Stroker, Saleen clone, built ground up

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Nov 16, 1998
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1989 Ford Mustang LX 5.0 - price?? This car is so specialized I'm not even sure what's fair...$20k OBO.

Car was totally rebuilt from the ground up and finished in 2004. I have thousands into this car. It was appraised in 2007 at $25,000 for a cash value insurance policy. I built it to be my daily driver and to do some track days at Pacific Raceways, but it's sat in my garage more than anything and has never seen a track. I have stacks of paperwork for the car outlining everything that has been done. I left the 3.08 rear gears in for mileage, but it really could use a set of 3.55's or 3.73's.

It was built as a "Tribute" (clone) car using Tim Allen's Casper and the SSC as guides. I've taken it to the WA Mustang Roundup almost every year since 2005 and always get told it needs to be in the Saleen lot. This is just a highly modified Mustang that has a Saleen body kit and a Momo steering wheel...hardly qualified to be considered to be a Saleen.

The car really needs someone who has the time to drive it. I don't drive enough to keep the battery charged. It's been finished since 2004 and it only has 19k miles. It has been driven those miles in rain (and nice days) on the freeways of WA and some other places. The car is NOT in show condition...it is in very good condition with some nicks and dings from driving it. The suspension, while looking good in the pics, is hard to keep clean in the rain around here so it takes a day to get that all pretty for a show, but again even those show some "use" from all the grime from the road.

Included with the car is:
- a 91-93 Saleen strut tower bar painted the same color as the car​
- a Fox body Saleen Service cover​
- an extra pair of (hard to find) M179 (6.74" backspacing 17x9) 95 Cobra R rims​

The highlights:
- 167,000 miles on the body - 19,000 miles on everything else.
- painted Ford Performance White with 91-93 Saleen ground effects and wing.
- door locks and antenna shaved - has a Clifford alarm with pager setup (and a ton of other features).
- upgraded interior - Recaro SE seats, Momo Monte Carlo steering wheel, rear seats and door skins redone to match Recaro's, Saleen gauge cage with custom ordered Autometer oil pressure and water temp gauge (still have the electric 0-100 psi fuel pressure gauge too...if interested).
- all new glass (except quarter windows which were freshened up).
- 331 stroker (400 hp/436 tq at flywheel) built by Panhandle Performance in Florida. Last tuned by Blood Enterprises in Auburn, WA.
- 93 Cobra intake, 98 Cobra MAFS, 75 mm TB, 30 lb injectors, Kirban adjustable fuel pressure regulator, Brodix heads, Scorpion 1.6 roller rocker arms - have full spec sheet for those interested.​
- built around factory specs for timing and fuel pressure.
- all emissions intact and passes WA State sniffer.​
- Tremec T5Z - 5 speed with a Spec stage 2 clutch setup, Fidanza aluminum flywheel, and a Steeda Tri-Ax shifter with a Cobra leather shift knob.
- FRPP Aluminum driveline.
- has one of the last IPS Chassis ultra suspensions made:
- IPS Chassis Ultra SLA front end (powder coated white) with coilovers (H&R springs and QA1 adjustable shocks).​
- IPS Chasis Ultra IRS (powder coated white) with coilovers (H&R springs and QA1 adjustable shocks).​
- Brakes: Cobra R master cylinder and brake booster
- Fronts: Wilwood Superlite (4 piston) calipers using braided stainless brake hoses on 12" Wilwood rotors with custom IPS Chassis hats and Hawk pads.​
- Rears: PBR (single piston) calipers using braided stainless brake hoses on 12" Wilwood rotors with custom IPS Chassis hats and Hawk pads.
- Wheels are 95 Cobra Rs - Fronts: R58 (5.94" backspacing - 17x9), Rears: M179 (6.54" backspacing - 17x9) - rears can go on the front with a 3/8" spacer.​
- Maximum Motorsports full length subframe connectors installed by Brads Custom Auto in Seattle, WA.
- has prototype Evans cooling setup - 2 core Griffin radiator, dual 11" Spal fans, using a 185* on and 165* off sensor and a 180* thermostat with Evans NPG+ coolant and supplied water pump and thermostat housing - the car stays cold.
- has Cobra R aluminum spare tire and jack in factory location.
- exhaust: JBA 1 5/8" headers ceramic coated (inside and outside), MagnaFlow high flow catalytic x-pipe, and cat-back is custom mandrel bent by Stan's Headers of Auburn, WA.
- stereo is a Pioneer piece that has a usb line that can be used for a flash drive, hdd, or iPod with Eclipse speakers in all 6 spots. However, it really needs an amp, but I just couldn't ever find a place to put one.
- the carpet was replaced with ACC and matching mats. The hatch piece though was too long to actually fit over the seat back pieces, but I was too lazy to send it back.

There's probably much more that can be added that I've missed, but those that are interested can PM for the finer details.

Pictures are here -> http://www.atlasdevelopment.net/mustang.nsf
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