93 Ford Mustang LX 5.0L 30k original miles *value?

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  1. hi guy,

    I'm lookin at buying a 93 Ford Mustang LX 5.0L Convertible with 30k original miles. the car is immaculate, practically new. my father is life long mustang die hard but i don't really keep in touch with him, anyways I was wondering wht you guys think about this stang? do you think it's gonna go up or at least retain its current value? I have now idea what people think about these vehicles. I have checked compleated auctions on ebay and i saw the same car with 60k fetch $9,000.what should i pay for the one i'm lookin at? please let me know what you think

    thanx for all the help
  2. Offer ten, then call your father and make it a habit...just opinion though.
  3. ok...so 10 is well worth it for this baby?
  4. Price really depends on the area you live in. Look through autotrader to get an idea of what they are going for in that neighborhood.

    I'd probably pay 7 or 7.5 but I am not in the market.

    The cars with less than 10K miles are fetching around 9,000 and 10,000 dollars on ebay. Just food for thought.
  5. offer 7.. call your dad.. you'll regret it in the end
  6. $9-10,000 would be ballpark I would say.
  7. I had 23K miles on mine when I sold it and I only got 7,700 and it had a 347 and other goodies :(
  8. ...yes but dont forget someone who is gonna dish out high dollars for a car with under 25k is probably looking for something all original, and a 347 definatly isnt :)
  9. what do u think insurance will be? i'm 23 with a clean record...a ballpark figure please
  10. 800 every 6 months is what i pay with clean record and full coverage
  11. I just have liability, I'm 24 with a clean record....I pay $60/month
  12. Why don't you post a pic so we can see the condition?
  13. why do you want a car with such low miles, if your gonna drive the hell out of it. for the money you can get a car thats built right.

    The value of verts, is wayy lower than coupes or even hatches as well keep that in mind. I passed up a mint 90 lx vert SE (7 up car) with 50k on it for 6,500.. if that helps you
  14. He is right, Convertables dont bring the money like a notch or hatch.
    If is it some thing you are going to drive or mod....dont spend your money on something like that....if you are going to put it in a garage and not drive it much and keep it stock...it say 10K is max i would pay
  15. Personally, i wouldn't go for the vert LX. It's another 200-300 lbs heavier. But that is if you/your dad is looking at making this 5.0 a runner. I bought and sold my 92 notch for 6500...but I had much mileage on the thing. I'm from the south east coast, though.
  16. I paid $5500.00 for mine with only 16K on it. Just got lucky I guess, it came from an estate sale, and the guy that got it just wanted a quick buck and no hassel. This was not his type of ride. He said he had absolutly no interest in the car, it was just a car. Well he got his quick buck. Oh and I didnt buy it to look @ it either. I bought it to drive it, which I do, everyday. Iv'e put 10K on it since iv'e owned it since Aug. 2005. Love the dern thing, rides great and tight. I was offered $9000.00 for it about 2 months ago. Turned it down, guy went and paid 7K for a 92 LX with 60K on the odometer, and that car was rough on the edges, with a ???? on whether someone was in the engine already. I say keep hunting and get exactly what you want. However the fox body's in good shape are getting scarce.