94-98 dash in a 93?

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  1. somebody should make a kit for this...the only downfall to that, is the damn kit would cost me more then my dignity is worth. Im really liking this idea, since Im into custom mating of parts.
    The vaccuum controls will work, I have mine in the same place.
  2. what exactly did you do? just moved the heater controls to the vent location? what did you do to the heater ducting? it does look sweet.:nice: now you can put guages where the controls were....Im guessing that was your plan for this setup.....
  3. Yes thats exactly my plan.
    The vent that was origionally there, sits inside a rectangle opening in the duct. I took the dashpad off and then cut all 4 corners of the duct so I would have 4 flaps (top, bottom, sides). I took the top and bottom "flaps", heated them up with my heat gun untill they were good to fold up and down to close off the vent opening, as well as adding room for the controls.
    Next I just ran all the wires, hoses, and cables up through the new opening, and hooked them up.
    The bottom of the dashpad needs to be cut away as well, so that the stock cover will go over the controls and sit flush.
    I broke the tabs off the bottom of the h-vac control cover so that it would sit between my console and my dash. The top tabs need to go between the vinyl and the foam of the pad.
    I havent secured the h-vac controls in any way yet, they sit in there pretty tight..tight enough for now.
  4. I think I should just buy a V6 SN95 and stuff all the turbo 2.3L goodies in and be done.
  5. .......Then you are left with an ugly sn-95 body :D

    The front fascia on the sn-95 (IMHO) is sweet and FoMoCo did a sweet job designing that, but they made the rest of the body and especially the profile of the stang too long and disproportional. the fox body mustang (starting with the first one in 64....and 1/2..) had a short rear deck and a slightly longer nose, but the sn-95 makes everything longer, (even if the wheelbase is the same).

    My dream stang is a 93 fox mustang with an sn-95 nose "grafted" on (whole front clip) and the 94 and newer dash and interior(black leather of course)...obviously with a dohc 2.3l turbo that would make the SVO team cry tears of joy....:nice:.. oh yea, and it would basically be an svo rolling chasis (yellow koni's,4 wheel discs,with trak-lock),a t-56 (6 gear) tranny,cobra or baer 13" brakes with vented cross-drilled/slotted rotors and huge calipers, and (just cuz i think they look cool on fox mustangs as well as the newer ones)....chrome bullit 17X8's wrapped with some nice rubber like pirelli(sp?) or some other ridiculously expensive Z rated tire.

    well, off to the lotto counter I go.....:D
  6. I have to admit the pics are sweet but the effort will take more than patients, ingenuity will be a key in getting it in there with little to no install directions, but it will allow everyone to make a look that is their own and move items around in the dash to get in the pod gauges. This may be something I will look more into for my 93. If anyone does this Write up some install directions and post them for the rest of us.
  7. Im thinking about buying up 3 or maybe more of the sn95 dash's from local junkyards, with the door panels, and using one for a template, modify the others to "easily"drop into a fox. Then ill offer them to anyone here (not for an outrageous cost either) or if no one is interested put them on ebay or something. Any takers? If I know somebody would want to buy this, I would be more wiling to spend the money. PLus, its friggin cold here in MI so I am looking for a project that I can do at least partly inside with my sawzall,heat gun,and new dremmel. PLus, I was thinking of not only using the 94+ dash, but gettin a bunch of vinyl dye and making the dash crazy colors like red or blue....i dunno, maybe it would look stupid, maybe it would look sweet, i'll just have to play around.
  8. I am a transplant from MI to KY man I know where your coming from with the cold. I am seriously thinking of putting in the dash and door panels into my 93. I really like the layout because I have an idea to place pod gauges in the clock area, and below the stereo. I love the look of the center column and it is where I can place rocker switches and other goodies. This may be a market to get into because I love my Fox but the dash is unfriendly. And gauges are hard to fit in it.
  9. dude thats awsome i can get one of those dashes easy so i think i am going to put one in when i rebuild my car an a couple of years so it will have a custome look is there away to modify the door handles? when i rebuiled the car i am going to put a boss 302 supercharged with a t5 and 3.73 positvetraction
  10. right now is the most fun time in MI as we now have 14" of snow thanks to the storm yesterday, and were getting more this week.

    If I ever win the lotto not only am I going to build the aforementioned "super 2.3l stang"...I would buy up all the candy 87-93 lx 2.3 mustangs and resotre them with fresh turbo drivelines and sell them to true mustang fans like the guys on this board. THat way the mustang's name could be preserved as the best sports car...for ALL TIME!!!! mwuhuhahahahaha!!!!:rlaugh:

    I am going to look into the door panels because I believe that they are able to go into the 93’s also and it is worth a try to make a template from a jacked up 94 panel to see what mods if any need to be done for the complete look. I am hoping that the handles are going to match up and work with little trouble. I need to pull the dash anyways for a heater core change and I figure I may put that off so I can get Autometer gauges and the dash and door panels from a 94 to put in at the same time.

  12. Hey guys its been a while since anyone has asked me about this mod. Basically you have done most of the research. Heres the bottom line:

    the heater box doesnt fit do to the 3" metal tube that runs horizontally through the dash. It can be cut but it makes the dash rattle a bit and become flimsy. The Windshield defrost area need to be reshaped, I did it with a a sawzall :nice: , just remember to peel back the leather ette viynl top before trimming then you can wrap it back around the dash for a nice finished look. Make a template of the windsheild are with cardboard for the shape and go a little at a time. I trial fitted my dash over 20 times before it was right. Keep in mind you will have to fabricate mounting brackets and that the dash height has to be right if you intend on keep the newer console as I did. The console fits perfect if you get the dash right. Lets see what else. Where the A pillar meets the dash will be a gap, you can see it if you look at the pics that were posted earlier in this thread. I made fiberglass panels and covered them with dash vinyl to make em match. The door panels have to be custom cuz the door handles are blocked by the new dash (look at pics) I relocated mine like the 79 mustang down where speakers normally go. I used 79 black panels and customized them to look a bit more like sn95 style. But you could just make all new panels too. Tha gauges can be custom or aftermarket. I am currently working on a way to use the 160mph cobra cluster in mine with white faces. The steering wheel doesnt look right were the shaft goes into the dash so I am going to make a more right looking fiberglass collar for it (again look at pics). I will see if I can find some of my old pics to post, my computer crashed a while back and I lost a bunch of them. the car is re-gutted right now for a new paint job so the dash isnt in it right now. But I will def. be posting progress pics as soon as I get back to it. I want to finish the paint by March
  13. when you get your car to the point where youre interior needs to go back in... could you take some pictures of the most troublesome areas?

  14. But Of Course :banana:
  15. Fitting the dash will suck prety bad. Too bad we cant get a template and do it like a 93 dash out of a wreck and fabricate the 94 dash with that and dump the 93 when done. I am thinking more and more of doing a 100% 94 swap for the interior but I have the skylight to think about also all that is will be a custom headliner because I am planning to do a thin plywood because Alpine 6.5's in the celing may be a wonderful idea. and I have always thought that a Visor length shelf would be a great idea so I could get some of the Gadgets out of sight, Radar, Cell phone, Bullets......
  16. toolman since you have the dash out of your car is there a way we can get you to do some measurements? and can we trouble you for Pictures of the dash itself out of the car of the mods that you did?
  17. Why bother? I dont understand people sometimes, like the 4eye to dime-a-dozen fox style look, just like that Ebay car...just burns me up.
  18. We all have our own style I guess and for me the 94 interior makes the 93 a lot better looking and reduces the boxy look. I believe that the interior is the best part of the SN-95 anyways

  19. sure but you wont be all that impressed...just a 94+ dash with the defrost area cut.....but sure I will do it tomarrow