94-98 Mustang parts!! OHIO

Discussion in 'Interior Exterior Parts' started by jeepman1, Oct 20, 2010.

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  1. I have a ton of parts here...

    gray interior....94-98
    doors for fox and sn-95
    fenders 94-98
    hoods for 94-98
    trunks for 94-98

    5 lug rear disc brake parts from 94 gt
    tailights for fox and sn-95
    Ground effects for fox and SN-95
    A ton of bins full of small stuff....

    94-95 5.0 engine harness....other harnesses...

    electric fans....

    radiators for 94-98

    spare tires...

    tri bar wheeels..

    I have all kinds of stuff...just ask!!!!!

    440 476 4114 P/U in Cleveland, Ohio on big stuff
  2. do the trunks have spoilers? price?
  3. No wings, just trunks....
  4. any white passenger side fenders for 94?
  5. I might, will look, 65.00 if I do picked up
  6. u have a 99-04 passenger door?
  7. I should, 100.00 picked up..I will have to check..
  8. Do u have the slave cd wire harness?
  9. I have the harness for Mach with CD, not sure if that is what you need, if so, 40.00 for whole harness
  10. Are you willing to sell the center caps for the wheels separately?
  11. If I have em, 30.00 for all 4 + shipping
  12. Cluster

    Do you have speedo cluster for 96 GT?
    if so, whats is the milage reading?
  13. Do you have a driver side side skirt available?
  14. You have any amber side markers??
  15. I am looking for a complete nice gray interior for a 95, seats carpet, door panels console, sale panels.

    I am in NC but I could drive up to pick it up, I would pull the parts if that would help.

    looking to replace a ragged out interior with something nicer.

  16. I should have it all besides front seats.... 350.00 for all I got 440 476 4114 Tim
  17. Steering berring

    I need the piece of the firewall where the steering berring goes through. Converting a fox to SN and have to have the berring and enough to weld into the fox firewall.
  18. i need a drivers seat track (electric or manual), trunk light switch, keyless remote and reciever box, and shock tower brace. thanks.
  19. Do you have a set of headlights?
  20. do you have 96-98 tails with harness and bezels?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.