97 Cobra vs 01 WS6

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  1. Alright guys, I really need your input. A buddy of mine has an 01 WS6 with aftermarket intake, he'll be adding a Corsa exhaust this summer (just "catback"). He's says he'll be pushing 400hp at the crank. :shrug:

    I need help, I want to give him a run for his money. I know I can't smoke him with my current funds :bang: ,but I want him to taste a little venom from my snake... at least until I get my baby blown. :D

    My current mods are in my sig and here's what's coming...

    Cervini's Ram Air Kit (Can't find frikin Mar Glass to stick it on with)
    Nitto 555r
    Gears 3.73 (I plan on supercharging later)
    BBK Long Tube Headers
    BBK O/R H
    Magnapacks? (I was thinking about keeping my Flows to save $$$)

    What do you think?

    Any other setup opinions? I'm open to any ideas. Thanks alot guys!
  2. For one, tell your buddy that he won't gain 50hp with just exhaust and a lid...

    And another, unless you have 4.10's or 4.30's N/A you aren't going to beat him...Is his car an auto or a stick? If it's an auto, he can't really make any mistakes and you are in trouble...Your car is pretty heavy being a vert also so that's not going to help any...You'll need a really good launch and hope its good enough until he goes flying past you...

    Sorry to burst your bubble...those LS1's are fast...
  3. stock ws6's pull between 270-280 horse and they are also kinda hefty cars he wont pull 400 to the crank with those mods i actually think u gota good shot at beeting him i agree u need 4.10 o 4.30 gears but i think ull be ok. anyway good luck guy hope for the best :flag:
  4. Sorry, but most I have seen dynoing off the showroom floor at 300-320rwhp.

    I have yet to see one dyno that low.
  5. No bubble "bursted" :) here, just looking for some setup opinions. :nice:

    I don't plan on beating him, I know that's not possible right now. I just want to be able to hang with him a little.
    I'll smoke him (and his dad's vette) someday, but for now I'm just looking to make him a little uncomfortable. :D

    Oh, two things... he's got an auto and it won't be on the track. We're taking a trip to FL with some friends this summer and it's just our cars making the trip. Don't worry, we're not gonna do anything stupid (we've both had and... almost used up our share of stupidity).

    Thanks for the reply's and keep em comin! :nice:
  6. Go with gears and nos
  7. I'm not into nitrous, but I'm definitely getting the gear. :nice:
  8. I hear ya, but it is a realitively cheap way of shocking the socks off of him. a little 100 shot (along with gears and tires) will dramatically change the outcome of your little impromptu race.
  9. well th 3 ive seen dyno have been that low on a dynojet and rest assured they werent broken the max i saw with a slp lid was 293-295 believe they were 2000 or 2001 models not sure wat it is for any later models anyway jus my 2 cents. :D
  10. My buddy has a 97 like yours with similar mods except he has T/A and 3.73's. I believe he dynoed 287rwhp. Those 3.73's woke his car up! If you get 3.73's you should be able to take a close to stock auto LS1.

    As far as 400fwhp, if he dynos 320-330rwhp right now and plans on a catback, then he will have 400flwhp using 18% drivetrain loss. However, we dont know what he dynoed already.
  11. Good luck man, I don't think it can be done. I couldn't do it with my Cobra, and I have 4.10's. I could beat them if they miss shifted, but not if they had a not so good driver. Now, after the supercharger, I walk all over those things. Just this Sunday, I beat this brand new SS Camaro, with at least a cat-back, just buy the sound, and who knows about anything else, but once, I started building boost, I was gone, didn't even have to finish out 2nd gear, and if I did, and then got into 3rd, he really would have been in trouble. I mean, really it is all driver though, get a good start, and shift at the right time, you will never know what happens!!
  12. Thanks for the advice. :flag:

    You have 4.10's with a blower... how's that going for you? I've just been planning on gettting 3.73s because I'll be supercharging down the road. :shrug: Let me know! :nice:
  13. these ls1's take mods very well. :D
  14. If he gets true dual exhaust, I don't see why he couldn't gain 50hp from that and a lid.
  15. the LS1's are awesome motors...but they are kinda hard to estimate. I have a buddy with an 02 WS6 and he got a lid and catback and dynoed at 338rwhp, which I thought was unheard of. From most of the ones I've come across, they run about 300-310 whp with catback and a lid.

    Also, I'm in a club with a lot of them, and there are a couple of auto's with similar mods as what you described, and they run around 8.7 8.8 in the 1/8. <--pretty quick if ya ask me

    I'm kinda with svt32vdohc on this one, seems to me like it'd be really unlikely, but shift your brains out and maybe something good will happen!! good luck man!
  16. just keep in mind when your talking about an 01/02 Fbody these cars put down more HP, than previous years. My buddies 02 z28 put down 300RWHP bone stock with the paper filter, he perfers his Mach 1 though. A WS6 should put a few more ponies but just putting on exhaust and a lid won't net 400RWHP IMO
  17. The car runs great! 1st gear is short, but once I get into 2nd, 3rd and then 4th, the car really screams. It is torquey as all you know what. I have no complaints. As long as I get good traction then 1st gear is the same with the blower as it was without the blower. I would love to know what the 3.73 feels like. 3.73 gears with a blower will give you more RWHP than a 4.10, but it will be less torquey. If you have 3.73s now, leave them in there, then supercharge your car and then decide if you think you want to get a 4.10. Take it easy man. Later
  18. go to a marine store and get some fiberglass body filler for that cervinis kit-it made a rock solid seal on mine
  19. seriously his car will not make 400 RWHP unless he has other mods that he has not mentioned. also it will not even be a close race unless you get 4.10's drags lose someweight on your car and maybe a 75 shot.

    I have a 97 and run alot of LS1's both of the juice and juiced. on the juice I can take them by about 3-4 car lengths

    here are the mods: 97 hardtop 4.10 gears, 3153517BFGs hook better than nitto's. h-pipe, flows, 75 shot here and there. goal is to run 12's N/a
  20. My snake owns modded LT1 Trams Ams/Camaros.....LS1's....thats another story.