98 Cobra or 03 Cobra,....not really a decision BUT....

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  1. 03
  2. i have a 97.. and quite frankly im bored of it. Its a cool car and all but its just so tamed that even when your going 100mph it feels like 60. im selling mine to get back into a fox. i would jump for the 03 if it were me.
  3. Not going to a 2.xx pulley will only last for about a week.
    It's so easy and the gains are so much, it's almost impossible not to do considering it doesn't effect mileage or driveability.

    I'm no spec clutch expert, but isn't a stage 1 a bit on the weak side for a car that easily makes 475rwhp?
  4. Clutch torque ratings are irrelevant for me when (rated at 500 ft lbs of torque) I'm never intending to test it at the track to that power level.
    I gotta get the thing back together,.....cleaned up to my standard,...and touched up so as to not to embarrass,.... Only then will I consider whether or not a "stage 1" was insufficient for my needs.
    Despite the fact that it has Nitto 555's on all four corners,..and a worn out Mccleod clutch in between me and the previous owner,....this will be the first time in this car's life that it hasn't gotten beat all the way to the gas station.
  5. Throw a bottle of Techron in the tank after the next fillup and do it once a month for the next few months. That stuff is the best for cleaning up the entire fuel system and you should see an improvement in mpg and performance within a few hundred miles. I use it in all my cars for years. Autozone has it BOGO now and I usually buy 5 and get 5 free.
  6. Forgive me,....but what does a fuel additive have to do w/ a clutch?

    And,...I thought Techron was the voo doo that Chevron put in their gas to keep you buying pump premium...Didn't know they were bottling that stuff.
  7. You're watching last weeks news,....I brought it home last Friday night.
  8. It doesn't but you were talking about how the Cobra was ragged on and not taken care of. Just trying to offer some help. Chevron adds that additive to all its grades. Do some research on it and you may end up using it.
  9. So, did I miss the official homecoming announcement? Last I read, the car was still in bureaucratic limbo?
  10. Ohh OK. I'll try it,..it probably could stand some fuel additive to benefit the injectors.
    Yeah,...I talked it over w/the car,..and we decided we wanted something a little more intimate.....:banana:
  11. it would be so sweet if you made the 03 cobra look like a 65 fastback