99-04 Hood

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  1. Does anyone make a flat hood for the new edge cars? By flat, I mean no scoops, cowls, or extractors. I've seen a few where owners have filled and smoothed V6 hoods and it looks fantastic I just hate to have 5 lbs of bondo sitting on an already heavy hood.

  2. Nobody makes it in fiberglass?
  3. What's wrong with carbon fiber?
  4. It's expensive. Lol
  5. Do not worry about 5 pounds of bondo just take a big dump before driving to offset the extra weight.
  6. I've seen that picture floating around the WWW before and I have to say that I really like the look! I wouldn't mind something like that on my car at all.
  7. I have my old hood you can use to bondo and smooth. It's cheaper than a new one.