99 Mustang V6 Supercharged With Vortech V2

Tyler Storm

New Member
Jun 15, 2016
99 mustang v6 with 00 v6 engine has 47k miles has 39lb injectors off 03 cobra, has a windstar intake swap, 300 lph fuel pump, stage 3 clutch, ram built steel flywheel, sct x4 tuner, ba2600 maf, supercharger is pushing 5.5 to 6 pounds of boost making right at 300 hp and 310tq to the wheels, I had watson racing tune it.

When I got home the next day and it sat all night I started the car and it fired right up but if you go to give it gas it sputters acting like ito not getting enough gas but when it hits 120 on the coolant temp it's fine and you can Rev it without any sputtering. Then go drive around the car gets to 210 then does its thing for cooling down and stays at 180-200 depending on how much stopping and going I do. If I park and shut the car off the car is then hard to restart. It will always fire up but has a lag to the start up if you know what I'm trying to say.

My guess is they tuned it wrong.
Maybe advanced the timing to much?
I already replaced the coolant temperature sensor.

Any idea's? I would love to hear them. I'm trying noto to have to drive 4 hours back to them
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