1. Levi.Productions

    300WHP for $3000

    Alright so I have a 1996 Mustang GT that I am looking to mod. So far for power upgrades it only has a cold air intake. The engine has 260,000kms. I've got a budget of $3000 Canadian (2250 for you Americans) and I'm trying to plan out my build for this spring. My main thing at the moment is...
  2. P

    2010 whippled gt

    I have a 2010 gt with a 400hp whipple kit. I bought it with the kit installed i believe it has 32lb injectors as well. Im looking to upgrade the pulley from a 4” to either a 3.375-3.25” pulley. I wanted to know if i would need to get a base/dyno tune done by someone or if i could just use say an...
  3. msyikes_s197

    Supercharging my '14 V6 3.7

    So I just bought a Procharger Supercharger for my 3.7 v6! It'll be here in two day. Bought some 60lb injectors to go with it. Now my question is about fuel pumps! What do y'all suggest? I was looking at 415lph fuel pump, but not sure if that is big enough? Also, I'm welcome to all feedback...
  4. Schnelly

    Would you buy a used GT500 Supercharger?

    There are a few on Facebook marketplace. New ones are in the 7 to 8K range. These are under a grand. Would you or would you not but a used Supercharger? - Yes, I am on a budget and I just want more HP - but not a serious build - second weekend car.
  5. Schnelly

    What next? 2008 GT Project

    Buy the car - Check Install K&N Cold Air Intake - Check Install Tune - Check Install 3.73 Gears - Check Install Hurst Short Throw shift - Check whats next?
  6. Fox5-0

    For Sale HKS Bypass Valve

    Selling my HKS Adjustable Bypass Valve from my old setup. Great condition, comes with upgraded spring to support 12-18lbs boost. Also works great for vehicles with less than 12lbs boost. Used with Vortech pipe. Standard mounting base. $225 shipped OBO (816)977-5047
  7. D

    Boost gauge vacuum line location

    I have a belt driven powerdyne system and was wondering where I should attach my vacuum line? It’s on an 88 lx 5.0
  8. F

    Forced Induction 94 GT - Next BIG Mods?!?

    How’s it going everyone. New to the Forums, new to the push rod V8s. Been a car guy since i can remember and now im starting a new project. Recently picked up this guy right here. It’s a 94 GT and imvery happy with it so far, love how it sounds, its my favorite to be honest. My old 04 Mach 1 did...
  9. M

    98 sn95 3.8

    I'm seriously thinking about adding a super charger to my 3.8. Any thoughts or anyone with experience with this? Is it worth it? What can I expect? Thanks folks
  10. S

    For Sale 2003 Cobra Redfire Convertible

    2003 Cobra Convertible Redfire Exterior Color Black cloth top Black interior with Gray insert (Alacantara) and leather 68k Miles Price is $21,500 Located in Hoover, AL Built May 27th 2003 and is 3938 of 5082 and about 611 in this combination Original Purchase was at Eckenrod Ford, Cullman AL I...
  11. Fox5-0

    Forced Induction 1993 - Can I run my X303 Cam with Supercharger?

    Hey guys, I purchased a Vortech S-Trim V1 Supercharger and am getting ready to bolt it on. Will be running around 8psi of boost. My only concern has to do with my current X303 cam. To be honest, I really don't want to swap the cam unless it is absolutely necessary. I know the ABC cams are dated...
  12. T

    Forced Induction Prep

    Looking for a list of components I should beef up before installing a turbo or supercharger. i.e. top end kits, rotating assembly kits, and any links or specs on how big the pistons need to be, bore, dish/flat, size of cams, etc. Thank you.
  13. N

    Car doesn’t want to idle anymore after supercharger install

    So this past week I installed a Powerdyne supercharger into my 91 fox. Since I’ve got it installed, the car doesn’t want to idle anymore. If I get the car going 20+ it’s just fine and drives good and has great power, but as soon as I slow down to a stop the car starts to drop very low in rpm and...
  14. A

    I need a shop in the Indianapolis Area

    I am having a problem and need a shop locally to help me with this. I would love to fix this myself but I am a full time student and live in a apartment with no garage to work on this in.My problem is that I am having coolant leak out the back of the top of my engine and out by my transmission...
  15. A

    99 Mustang GT - What’s the best tune and best supercharger?

    I’m making plans to do some performance work to my car but I need help with what to get. Should I Turbo or Supercharge and if so what is best for 99 GT. Also what tunes are the best? Places like American muscle and CJ pony parts have bias’s so I would love to hear from real people.
  16. Q

    For Sale Fox Vortech v-2, and megasquirt pnp ecm.

    SOLDHey guys, I'm selling a vortech v-2 for a foxbody, it's in great shape mechanically, comes with a 2.95 and 2.7 pulley, and two belts, just missing the barb for the oil pan drain, and the fitting for the oil line. Asking 1600obo. Also selling a megasquirt pnp ecm. (megasquirtpnp g2 eec4a8)...
  17. MoDriver

    SOLD ProCharger P600B Supercharger w/Intercooler for 96-01 Ford SVT Cobra

    [SOLD] Listed for sale is a polished ProCharger p600b kit (With Intercooler and new Fuel Injectors) that was designed for 1996-1998 Cobra Mustangs that a coworker adapted to a 1999 Cobra Mustang (so, it likely can work on 1999-2001 Cobras). I bought it from a coworker to use on a 1998 Mustang...
  18. usaf_branham

    SOLD 15-17 Mustang Gt Procharger Kit

    I am selling my upgraded Procharger H.O. kit for a 2015 through 2017 Mustang GT. It is a tuner kit, so you will be on your own to get a tune, but it has the D1SC with helical cut gears, a stage 2 intercooler, and big red race valve. It's configured with a 4" pulley which is good for 11psi on an...
  19. A

    Need Advice (validation) On Upcoming Project.

    Greetings from Utah. I've been researching and planning a project car for the past few months, and for many reasons, I think I've decided on building a supercharged 99-04 Mustang GT M/T. I'm trying to keep the build under $10k. I know it's tight, but I'm patient and willing to get creative...
  20. joshc1263

    Wipple Stage 2 Vs. Roush Phase 2

    Looking to get blown whats everyone's opinion on the wipple stage2 kit vs. the roush phase2 kit?