A Classic Mustang, is a Classic forever even with EFI

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  1. No...LOL... I dident, but thanks for the up date. Now I need to keep Tubo from getting banned from, Stangnet. Ive been warned by the moderator! Tubo, not playing by the rules.
    Hehheh, Some how I always, get myself splashed with the Poo.
    As long as the rest of the forum members dont think of me as a Tool, It'll all be good.
  2. Yes, it is. :D
  3. I'll probably run afoul of one of the Mods for this, but I just can't help myself:
    This reminds me of a two-part "Redneck joke" that was making the rounds of Yuma back when I was a kid:

    (part 1)
    Question: "Why do Mexicans (usually pronounced "Mess-kins") put little chain steering wheels on their lowriders?"
    Answer: "So they can drive while wearing the handcuffs"

    (Part 2)
    Q: "Why do Mexicans ("Mess-kins") drive lowriders in the first place?"
    A: "So they can work from their cars - just open the door to pick the lettuce!"
    With all respect to 2bav8, I would certainly hope you are not the only one! Your's was definitely not the first shot fired; you only responded to an attack on your friend. A friend whose efforts I not only appreciate, but have saved to my "Bookmarks" file
  4. Ahhh I see, this is like, "No good deed goes unpunished":rlaugh:

    However let it be noted, 2bav8 isnt the mod, as he's on vacation. StangGT1995 is covering, in the interim. Naw, I dont feel mistreated, as long as the forum is cool.
    Thanks Dreamin'

  5. I just wanted to clarify for those wondering. Corky is right, I'm filling in here for a couple of days, so we don't leave any areas of the site unmoderated. As long as we can all stay within the rules, I hope the rest of my stay here in the land of the ORIGINAL Mustangs goes basically unnoticed. :flag:


    I've since eaten my words, and Corky [Tubo(2-bo)] is not at fault for anything that I noticed in the thread, and is in no trouble with SN. There were several shots fired, and I hope all of the issues have worked themselves out at this point.
  6. Sorry about that!

    I figure I have been around long enough that folks just know it's in my nature to stir the pot occaisionally.
    Generally I am well behaved until someone gets my goat.

    I have gone rounds with a few good members here, and we always kiss and make up. Well, maybe not kiss... ;)

    Anyway, if this Soreing person is worth a darn he can suck it up and assimilate into this great community. Otherwise, I won't miss him a bit.

    I apologize that my comment spattered on you.
  7. For StangGT1995

    No probs, man. I see you went back and re-read that whole thread. After that it started to become more clear.

    My reference to 2bav8 "over here was - I'd hoped - a warning to everybody to "settle down" on that thread. Obviously this hasn't happened; other than Tubo.

    I tend to "lurk" over on Classics Tech; there are sometimes differences of opinion that become acrimonious, and I just don't care to take part. So I get my information and file it away; and generally just "run my mouth" over here. However, I seem to notice that some people are too pre-occupied with their own desires to notice that other opinions just might be valid. I, for one, don't feel the need to have that spill over to this Forum. If you've time, ship a PM (or probably better yet, an email) to oboebrian regarding this Forum. He'll tell you that, while we sometimes "push the envelope"; we're all pretty faithful to the Forum Guidelines. We self-police; and we prefer those who can do so as well.

    Oh, and BTW; looking at your Screen Name; I can make an "educated guess" as to the Forum you most frequent. Last I heard from my daughter ("Cowgirl Tink" - who should probably have the best info of any StangNet regulars); A.J. (SVTCobra306) should be "in-country" around the second week of April. By that time, she'll have been transferred to Ft Bragg as well.
  8. i have to be carful here, but i mean no ofense, so i feal obligated to tell you a funny story about mexicans.

    me and dad were comming back from a show one day and a 66 impala passed us. Imediately we both started lauging. hung all through the windows were those little pom-pom thingers. then pops took a good long serious look at me and said (with a funny mexican accent)

    wood yoo like tu si my car bounce senor??

    if you dont laugh i guess its one of those, you had to be there things..

    Edit: BTW what color do you think i should paint my lug nuts?? :) oh, come to think of it im low on blinker fluid too...
  9. Ratio411, no prob Buddy, we can laugh about this at a 9 mile cruse in some night.

    As far as squabblin with the forum. Other than one little flare up with bnickle, and I was new to forums then. I dont think I draw a lot of notice. When it comes down to the forum, squabbles done, I'm always ready to "kiss & make up", but NO TONGUE, cause we dont know each other quite that well.

    Again Thanks to Matt, fer steppin up.
  10. Busted!
    Dang, I hope that doesnt come back to haunt me.
    I mean after all there are a lot of young guys there, and it's a lot more social, than hard tech. But a lot of guys from there are here too, s'all good.
    Never gonna talk my way past that one.
  11. nah it wasn't me but i just couldnt resist :) after all im only 17 :) but i think i know enough about cars not to ask somehting like that...

    intersting story about blinker fluid, i actually had someone going on that and they went to a store to get some... poor fella
  12. what was that about anyway, i don't even remember. i got on [email protected] earlier in teh tech forum for talking crap about Degins' new dropped spindle so i have a tendancy to go rounds with people every now and then but i only (generally speaking) when they are bagging on someone else or just being a jerk for the most part but i have bad days occasionally like everyone else and sometimes i get offended at a comment that wasn't meant to offend.

    it's fairly well known around here that HistoricMustang and i used to go rounds all the time but we made a pact to agree to disagree and can give advice to others without arguing with each other anymore.
  13. Minor stuff.

    I have a good friend that's the "Tower & Center Manager" here in Yuma. That's a tough job, because while he's an FAA employee; he also has to sometimes answer to the Commanding Officer of our local Marine Air Base - because the local airport shares the runways with the Marine Corps. Luckily, he has a good relationship with the Corps; having first come to Yuma as a Marine Sergeant & Air Traffic Controller.

    On that last part...... he remembers times (both in uniform and as a civilian) that he "helped in a new Marine ATC's training" by taking part in the time-honored tradition of sending the noob to each squadrons Materiel S-4's; with the intention of getting "the monthly allotment" from each squadron - 100 yards of "flight line" and 50 gallons of "prop wash". :rlaugh:

    Everybody here familiar with aeronautical terms, or do I need to explain that joke?

    Don't be afraid to speak up; a lot of "Marine Trained and Qualified" brand-new ATC's spent quite a bit of time trying to cajole "the monthly allotment" out of some stone-faced Senior Non-Com's before somebody finally let them off the hook. :p
  14. the first part; dealing with a senior marine.... ooooooo wow

    the second part :rlaugh: !!! prop wash and flightline!!!!! :rlaugh: hahaaaa LMFAO!!!!!!! that tops it! nicely done

    edit: again, im familiar with flight terms b/c i fly, dont feel bad if we need to explain it to you.
  15. I took umberage at being told I "handed out bad Tech", then we set to on Fox racks being/not being addaptable to a Classics front steer spindles. This was on a very early thread of Degins. I think I told you to check with the TT engineering dept, on something.... Well you were right I was, "Handing out bad tech". I was saying Fox rack, when I should have said Tempo/Taurus rack.....Degins should incorporate a closer tie rod mount on the spindle he was going to produce...
    When I fianally figured out my mistake too much time had passed to bring it up...till now. I was wrong.
    I'll try and make ammends, when I finish a"results report" on my 4R70W/AODE-W install. Its like doing "homework" & I always hated "homework"
    Bottom line, a mod very worth the effort of doing. The wide ratio gear set makes a world of difference....I'm working on the "report".
  16. I never flew myself ("20 by several-hundred" vision), but my Dad flew Combat Transport in WW2; after ferrying a couple of B-17's to England, they kept him and stuck him in C-47's, flying out of what is now RAF Mildenhall. When I was growing up, he was a civilian employee of the Army; finally retiring (when I was 17) as Airspace Officer/Range Control Officer at Yuma Proving Grounds. Pilotage was something I learned along with basic carpentry and rose-garden care.

    Where are you in MN? My buddy "Mike the Senior Center TC - now stuck at a desk" is from there.
    I'm also a member of a civic club that pulled a '48 Aeronca Sedan off its floats and out of the Brainerd area; to bring it back "Home to Yuma", where early members of our organization had kept it aloft for 1174 hours in 1949.

    Had the Continental rebuilt (logbook sez it was the second one since the Endurance Flight); stretched and doped new fabric on the fuse; spent about 360 hours polishing the wings; had a new engine coaming built (too many dents/cracks in the original); "dummied up" the aux tank and hand-pump assembly; painted her up to match period pictures; and even staged a few "flyby-refuels" with a '48 Buick vert that one of the members bought and modded to look like the original fuel car. Three years of work for one weekend to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the actual flight.

    Our pilot for the shows had once been one of my Dad's ATC's out at YPG. Yeah, I got a couple of ride-alongs :D :D :D :nice: :nice: :nice:

  17. ok, i seem to remember it now. that was a long time ago and i've forgotten all bout it, no worries. i went down that road with a guy here in town who was designing a rack to work on the early cars and he was going to use MII rack and it also is a front steer as well, i told him that a dodge caravan rack might work and that's what he ended up using. this was on a 69 mach 1 and he said it worked great on that car but he tried the caravan rack on a few other cars after that and they didn't work as well, but i think they were all 65-66 cars which are a bit narrower than the 67-up cars. anyway, like i said it's water under the bridge.
  18. Gosh I miss SuperDave! He would have authored a "Timeless Wisdom #10" * that would have shot this whole mess down before it could properly get off the ground.

    * If you never heard "#9", you wouldn't understand what I'm talking about; both on the surface as well as deeper. SD knew how to "not take himself too seriously"....
  19. i live near pipestone, you probally know where sioux falls is. I just recently witnessed the wreckage of a nice plane, cant remember what it was right now, if was @ joe foss , one of 7 left, texaco plane. all polished aluminum skin. heel brakes...hmmmmmm :) oops right now im working on my PPL and with my SR. year @ HS. and everything it seems that i only get up once/ mo. :(

    btw, i know some guys over in brookings SD, one has a extra 300L and the other has a T-6 Texan. HAWT PLANES!!